Airport Systems

As air travel become increasingly common, airport operators face growing pressure to improve operational efficiency, attract more regional traffic, and meet passengers' demands for better security and reliability. Hence, there is an increasing need to integrate new solutions with existing disparate applications and networks for greater efficiency.

Flying High With NCS

NCS Communications Engineering helps aviation services providers overcome the complex and daunting challenge of deploying integrated airport and infrastructure systems. We have extensive experience and a proven track record in providing services that span the entire spectrum of aviation. These include:

  • Air Traffic Control and Management Systems
  • Airport Operational Database (AODB)
  • Flight Information Display Systems and Public Address System
  • Gate Management Systems
  • Network and Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • Communication Systems, including intercom system, voice switches and recording, air-to-ground, ground-to-ground communications, satellite communication system and facilities
  • Security Screening Systems, including X-ray machines, explosives detection systems, fence intrusion and video surveillance
  • Intelligent Building Management Systems and Power Facilities
  • Navigational Aids, such as ILS, DVOR, DME
  • Meteorological Doppler Weather Radar
  • Runaway Visual Range/Automatic Weather Observation/Wind/Low Level Wind Alert Systems