Creating Business Value

At NCS, we believe that delivering business value underpins all our customer relationships. As such, we have institutionalised a proprietary Business Value Model (BizvalTM) that guides all our business propositions.

All aspects of business value creation follow a structured 3-stage journey.

NCS Bizval: Creating Business Value for our Customers

BizvalTM is a systematic and holistic approach designed to help enterprises progress from their current to desired future state. It focuses on six organisational components on a structured and disciplined three-stage journey, which revolves around Defining Value, Realising Value and Sustaining Value.

NCS BizvalTM ensures the delivery of business value by concentrating on these value areas:

  • Outcome Focus 
    By clearly defining the outcomes of change, NCS will help organisations achieve clarity of their goals and objectives and, consequentlly, establish full focus on their business pursuit.

  • Stakeholder Centric 
    As stakeholders can significantly influence outcomes, NCS will help enterprises obtain multi-stakeholder participation and collaboration to ensure commitment to their goals. We explicitly define the outcomes and quantify the associated business value to be delivered for each key stakeholder group to convince them of the benefits of the transformation.

  • Time to Value 
    We reduce the time needed to deliver value by creating the sense of urgency required to gain co-operation and focus on high-value activities.