The NCS Brand

NCS is a young and energetic company, with values of commitment, responsiveness and flexibility to meet today’s challenging environment.  Our philosophy of bringing greater business value to our customers and partners is reflected through the personalised services provided by our team of customer-focused IT professionals, who are prepared to go the extra mile to deliver the best solutions.

Our Corporate Signature

The NCS corporate signature is reflected through the NCS logo, which comprises three essential components:

  • The NCS logo is set in bold and lower case, portraying a young company with great growth potential, yet strong in character. The use of lower case font style reflects the company’s responsiveness and flexibility in the face of changing market environments. The colour is a combination of green for growth and dark grey for establishment.
  • The integration symbol is designed to fit into a perfect square, with the tips at both ends cutting into the two extreme corners of the square, representing NCS' focus on providing solutions through cutting-edge technologies. The integration sign is also an “S”, reflecting NCS’ business philosophy: to provide Total Solutions through the Integration of Systems.
  • The Tagline ‘making IT happen’ – This tagline communicates the drive and dependability of NCS, as its role as the ideal partner for growth and bringing greater value to businesses.