Business Recovery & Continuity

Readiness in times of Crisis

In a globalised economy, ensuring the business is able to continue operating even during disasters has become a vital criterion for enterprises. Organisations need to possess a sound business continuity strategy that helps them recover quickly and minimise disruption to avoid an otherwise financial catastrophe. 

At NCS, we provide a comprehensive suite of IT solutions that identifies potential threats and develops the necessary framework for our customer's business to return to 'business as usual' amidst a disruption. We work closely with relevant authorities in setting and enhancing industry standards. 

  • Business Continuity Management Services
    • Full Business Continuity Planning
    • Business/Systems Impact Analysis
    • Crisis Management
  • Business Recovery Centre
    • Hot/Warm/Cold Facilities
    • Multi-Systems, Network and Voice Recovery Service
    • WAN/LAN Recovery Service
    • Work Area Recovery Service
    • Trading/Dealing Room Recovery Service
  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning and Project Management
  • Offsite Storage Facility
  • Disaster Notification Service