Communications Engineering Services

Setting the Trend for Communication Engineering Solutions

NCS Communications Engineering (CE) delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions that include consultancy, facilities management, telecommunications infrastructure, enterprise infrastructure, multimedia, video conferencing, energy management, as well as airport systems. We have a strong partner network who can support us to deliver fully integrated solutions for our customers. 

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Airport Systems

We help aviation service providers overcome the complex and daunting challenge of deploying integrated airport infrastructure systems.

Energy Management Solutions

NCS' Energy Management solution provides companies with the right tools to monitor and evaluate their energy consumption pattern for better control and optimisation of resources.

Intelligent Multimedia Systems

As a market leader in real-time multimedia communications, we deliver value to enterprises seeking innovative and state-of-the-art interactive displays and audio visual control systems.

Modelling and Simulation Systems

NCS provides training and simulation solutions for both civil and military applications. Working in close collaboration with both Singapore and overseas partners, we design, build, and deliver customised solutions to suit complex needs.

Operational Technology Systems

NCS provides operational technology systems that facilitate the detection and control of physical devices, processes, and events within the enterprise. These systems allow organisations to anticipate, identify, and continuously review their operating environment with situation awareness capabilities that enable quick response to incidents and immediate distribution of alerts and notifications across multiple channels.

Telecommunications Solutions

NCS offers turn-key implementation and maintenance of teleco infrastructure such as transmission and switching systems, core and access network, mobile and wireless technology, emerging IP-based switching and next generation networks.