Driving Efficiencies for Peace and Security

A common objective of defense forces is to drive efficiencies, albeit, through one of the most complex systems in a nation. Shouldering the weighty responsibilities of ensuring its country's peace and security, a defense force not only needs to be at the forefront of technology innovations, it also has to maintain the security and reliability of its systems.

Delivering Unique Industry Needs

Through years of collaborations with highly-skilled experts from defense enterprises across nations, agencies, and technology partners, NCS has accumulated extensive experience in delivering robust solutions and critical systems for defence enterprises.

Our defense portfolio encompasses these solutions:

  • Human Resource Management
    • Personnel Administration
    • Enlistment system
    • Staff Development System
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Healthcare Systems
  • Enterprise Information Management
    • Knowledge &  Leaning  Management
    • Military Training Management
    • Enterprise Feedback Management
    • Military Secure Mobile System
    • Digital Information Repository System
    • Business Intelligence/ Decision Support  System
    • Psychology Analysis system
    • Library Management
    • NATO-compliant e-Cataloguing System
    • Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Finance Management
  • Logistics management
  • Command & Control System
    • Asset Tracking System
    • Geographical Information System
    • Intelligent Surveillance
    • Communications System
    • Electro-Optic Systems
    • Simulation Systems
    • Integrated Security System
  • Infrastructure services
    • Desktop, Network, Storage Implementation
    • Integrated Service Desk / Helpdesk Services
    • Technical Support Services
    • Security Management Services
    • Cabling & Communications Services

Cutting-edge Research & Development and Training

NCS operates an InfoSecurity Innovation Centre that designs leading-edge security solutions to safeguard critical information as well as train specialists needed to support defense systems. Jointly set up with three partners, the centre conducts research and experiments in the development of information security products, solutions, and services.

NCS has expanded beyond Singapore shores in the deployment of defense-related solutions, which include projects for Brunei's defence force.