Empowering Learning through Technology

Lifelong and independent learning have become essential in today’s knowledge-based environment. Students, teachers, administrators, and policy-makers need reliable IT infrastructure and solutions to support enhanced learning and productivity. These include pre-school, higher education, and workplace learning.

NCS understands the requirements to support a knowledge-based environment and delivers awarding-winning school management and learning systems.

Delivering Unique Industry Needs

From pre-school to higher education and workplace learning, we provide integrated technology that support these environments:

  • Information Delivery
    Robust infrastructure to support a virtual learning environment, allowing students to access information and learning tools anytime, anywhere.  
  • Process Administration
    Effective processes to facilitate effective learning and managed administrative services, so educators' valuable time can channeled towards teaching.
  • Knowledge Encapsulation
    Create structured and organised information that can be easily digested, providing a conducive self-learning process.

Strategic Technology Consulting

NCS consultants formulate technology masterplans that integrate information and education technologies across all aspects of learning, teaching, and administration. Our team will put together a comprehensive plan built on the latest industry trends, as well as pupil, teacher, and infrastructure readiness.

School and Student Management

NCS offers a range of School and Student Management solutions that leverage leading technologies to achieve administrative efficiency. These can be linked at the state level to facilitate sharing, collaborative learning, and policy-making at the national level. Modules include:

  • Campus Network and Security
  • Examination Registration
  • Examination Processing
  • Online Examination Registration
  • Pupil Databank
  • School Administration
  • Student Registration and Posting
  • Teacher Databank
  • Teacher Posting

Learning Management System

NCS brings together the learning ecosystem by providing an e-learning platform, LearningConnect, where learners can take control of their learning pathways effectively, while trainers can manage their end-to-end process efficiently.  This platform consists of the following components: 

  • E-learning Content
  • Lesson Management
  • Assessments
  • Analytics and Reporting Dashboard 

IT Support for Schools

Educational institutions need readily available facilities that are easy to operate, in order to support teaching and learning activities.. NCS provides the following solutions and services to enable this:

  • Desktop Management including asset control, PC management, software distribution and support, internet support
  • Network Integration and Management: LANs, wireless networks
  • Security Integration and Management
  • System Management for Unix, Windows NT, performance monitoring

Virtual Canvas & Teaching Facility Management Support System

Virtual Canvas provides a unique, non-disruptive teaching and learning experience that enhances the participatory processes students partake in within the classroom environment. The NCS solution leverages existing technologies such as the pen-computing functions of tablet PCs, overhead network-based projectors, control touch panels, and scheduling.

In addition, the Facility Management Support System (TMSS) works with Virtual Canvas to enable IT staff to monitor teaching facilities anytime, anywhere on campus. This allows them to respond quickly to any system fault or breakdown and enables proactive maintenance and high availability of equipment. TMSS is also able to shut down classroom equipment at a pre-determined time to ensure such equipment is properly maintained and used to its maximum efficiency.