Lifelong learning is critical in ensuring students and workforce stay relevant and adaptable in a changing world. In 21st century education, educators continuously redefine teaching delivery and learning experiences while empowering learners to own their learning paths.

NCS supports your digital transformation to manage learner competencies, strengthen learner engagement and expand communities of learners through technologies for the new digital age.

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Benefits of our learning management system

  • Reach out to learners via Software-as-a-Service or on-premises

  • Fast delivery with modular components

  • Data-driven insights through intuitive reports

  • Support multiple pedagogies, including Flipped Learning and Self-Paced Learning

  • Support holistic development of learners’ competencies

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LearningConnect is an e-learning platform that catapults corporate and learning institutions to be future-ready. Leveraging internet, cloud and social technologies as force multipliers, LearningConnect provides a flexible and user-friendly platform with intuitive tools and feature sets that address the learner-centred education and personalised learning. It features:

E-learning Content

Modern and intuitive interface with Responsive Web Design  allowing learners to explore and access a variety of e-learning content seamlessly across different platforms.

Lesson Management

Intuitive drag and drop feature with immediate preview screens allowing educators to create and manage lessons easily, and know exactly how learners will experience them.


Flexible built-in assessment tools featuring  intuitive navigation and question flagging, to support Immediate Feedback Assessment Techniques(IF-AT) for summative and formative assessments.

Analytics and Reporting

Insights to refine learning development roadmaps and management reviews, track learner’s e-learning journey and outcomes to support holistic development  for the 21st century education.

Discover how LearningConnect can support you in providing an e-learning platform necessary for a 21st century education.