Stakeholder Transition

Meeting Enterprise Needs

We aim to help our customer's employees understand and use the new system or processes being implemented. In fact, our methodology  is designed around the user, not the system. Through this, we help organisations answer four key questions:

  • Who is impacted? – Stakeholder mapping
  • Why is change needed? – Establishing the case for change and highlighting this through awareness communications
  • What is changing and what is the impact? – Impact assessment and communications
  • How to get up to speed? – Transition to Go Live

Change is generally driven by senior management, but its success depends on how positively it is received by staff. It is critical to evaluate both perspectives and ensure they are aligned. To do so, we help identify  the management team’s vision of the future as well as the employees' pain points or challenges in carrying out their daily jobs. By assessing these two areas, we then establish the appropriate business transformation that addresses both sides.