Enterprise Data and Managed Services

Managing Enterprise Infrastructure

The fast-changing business landscape today requires enterprises to anticipate, react, and evolve rapidly. The IT environment plays an increasingly critical role in business operations, providing a reliable and scalable infrastructure that allows enterprises to transform and compete effectively. NCS supports the unique needs of organisations through a combination of niche expertise and leading-edge technologies, delivered through a business model that best meets business requirements.

Our range of business models for the different services enables enterprise customers to select what fits best with their financial strategy and allows for the infrastructure solution to be scaled dynamically according to their evolving business needs. Enterprises can leverage our resources and expertise to maximise their IT investment.

  • Proven expertise and experience
    Our certified IT professionals have skillsets that meet any enterprise infrastructure need, from networking, security and storage, to business continuity and recovery.
  • End-to-end total service offerings
    We provide an end-to-end offering that gives enterprises peace of mind, reduced complexity, and a single-source convenience.
  • Quality facilities and operational excellence
    We operate well-managed facilities to handle the most mission-critical systems that require stringent service levels.
  • Competitive offerings from best-of-breed technology partners
    We have strategic alliances with key technology partners to offer enterprises the most effective and best-fit solutions and ensure they receive priority attention.

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Business Recovery & Continuity

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that identifies the potential threats and develop the framework for your business to return to 'business as usual' even when disaster strike.

Contact Centre Management

Our end-to-end suite of CRM solutions and services includes a diverse range of call centre services, from the most basic call centre operation, to complex call centre environment with blended and multi-media functionality.

Data Centre Hosting

We work with the best-in-class technology providers to provide multi-platform, multi-vendor offering of open systems, reliable monitoring tools and value-added services.


Enterprise Systems Storage

Enhance your enterprise systems and storage with the right consolidation and optimisation.

Reduce the cost of monitoring your applications with our subscription-based managed application performance services in various areas.

Conduct business in a trusted environment, with real-time visibility of the entire desktop infrastructure using a single console.

Monitor your IT infrastructure based on a service delivery framework that adheres to a set of processes for speedy network fault detection and performance measurements monitoring.

Our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides round-the-clock insights into the organisation's network and security posture, and offers a full-spectrum of security services to manage and mitigate all hazards and threats.

Keep your network infrastructure robust and scalable to support changing business needs and manage evolving security risks.

Adopt a holistic approach to tackle evolving security risks . NCS security services includes risk assessment, training, policy development, achitecture protection and management services.