Enterprise Systems & Storage

Building a Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

Enterprise IT has become an integral part of any business environment. But while it is true that enterprise systems can deliver great rewards, the risks they carry are equally high. It is imperative that an enterprise system must serve the company’s strategy, organisation, and culture, so that the business may fully harness its benefits.

As an independent systems integrator, NCS leverages its strong relationships with leading partners to provide best-in-class solutions and deliver a complete suite of server and storage solutions aligned to the customer's business objectives and priorities. Our extensive server and storage solutions and services include:

  • System and storage maintenance
    NCS offers a complete range of maintenance services to ensure servers and storage equipment are kept in good shape to support round-the-clock business access.
  • Server and storage consolidation
    Exponential data growth in the enterprise environment has resulted in the rapid expansion of storage sub-systems to accommodate new capacity, performance, and availability requirements demanded by business units. This has resulted in silos of server and storage systems, causing management and resources inefficiency. Our experienced solution architects will work with you to resolve this and put in place the right consolidation strategy that simplifies and optimises your existing infrastructure.
  • Data protection and recovery
    It is imperative that businesses protect their information effectively as data is the most critical asset of any organisation today. NCS offers a wide range of solutions that includes disk-based backup, enterprise tape backup, archiving solutions as well as advanced technologies such as data de-duplication and point in time snapshot copies to meet increased demand and expectation on service level for backup, recovery, and compliance objectives.
  • Storage management services
    The Internet has opened the floodgates to information, inevitably resulting in the need to store and manage data for convenient access. Our storage services revolve around the storage management lifecycle:
    • Assessment: Identifying storage investments and risks. Understanding key business requirements and identifying existing gaps within the existing infrastructure
    • Design: Developing the best fit storage strategy and solution to meet business objectives
    • Deployment: Selecting and implementing storage solutions, including testing, commissioning, and user acceptance
    • Service Functions: Rolling out secondary storage, backup, and recovery requirements
    • Manage and Optimise: Comprehensive approach to managing storage processes and storage lifecycle to optimise utilisation and meet changing requirements over time.