Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency and Quality

Healthcare services providers today face growing pressures to improve efficiencies, reduce healthcare costs, and manage customer demands. Effective strategies, hence, are needed to transform business and IT processes within the sector, and enhance healthcare delivery as well as foster collaboration among industry stakeholders.

Meeting Healthcare Needs

NCS partners some of the best healthcare technology providers to deliver seamless and quality care at the community, secondary, and tertiary levels. We provide solutions that support a dynamic, patient-centric environment that keeps up with rapid changes in healthcare needs and policies.

NCS healthcare consultants are well-versed in clinical vocabularies, terminologies, and classification systems related to disease reporting, tests, adverse drug reactions, quality of life, and case mix acuity. We also have extensive experience in the development, implementation, variance analysis, and reporting of clinical indicators and clinical pathways (protocols) for each disease and procedural group.

NCS improves processes and implements modules that deliver efficient operations at healthcare institutions. This also leads to better management of healthcare costs. Our solutions include:

  • Inpatient Management
  • Outpatient Management
  • Emergency Patient Management
  • Patient Billing and Cash Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Material Management
  • Financial Management and Cost Control
  • Human Resources
  • Management Information Reporting
  • Operating Theatre Management
  • Medical Record Tracking

Professional Support Systems

NCS provides enterprise-level and nationwide application systems that transform clinical processes, enhance healthcare delivery, and improve patient-caregiver interaction. Our offerings include:

  • Electronic Medical Record Exchange
  • Order Entry
  • Results Reporting
  • Referral Management
  • Kidney Transplant Management
  • Enterprise Integrated Pharmacy System
  • Pharmacy Tracking and Dispensing System
  • Electronic Meal Ordering System
  • Laboratory Information Management System
  • Renal and Dialysis System

Public Health Systems

NCS has deployed state-of-the-art IT systems to facilitate healthcare information sharing and address public health issues, including prevention and early detection of high risk diseases. Such systems support collaboration between organisations in the private and public sectors, enabling the implementation of preventive health management at the national level. Our solutions include:

  • Nationwide Medical Network (linking healthcare providers, patients, and government agencies)
  • National Patient Master Index (secure retrieval and reporting of medical alerts and patient allergies)
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Public Health Management System
  • National SARS Information System
  • Bio-safety Information System
  • School Health Management System
  • Population Care Information System
  • Disease Registries
  • Casemix and Subvention Solution
  • Integrated Dental Management System
  • Organ Transport Registry System
  • Blood Donor Management Solution
  • Tuberculosis Elimination Surveillance System

Hospital e-Services

These web-based applications are designed to improve service levels delivered by healthcare institutions to patients and their employees. Our solutions include:

  • e-HR
  • e-claims
  • e-CRM
  • e-Appointment
  • e-Pharmacy
  • e-Learning
  • Case Management