Homeland Security

Driving Innovation in National Security

Faced with increasingly complex threats from global terrorism, homeland security agencies must strengthen their ability to react rapidly to critical situations. They need to constantly stay ahead of aggressors and collaborate at multiple levels across local and international government agencies, to ensure they remain sufficiently agile to protect the country's population and assets.

Innovative IT solutions are necessary to support such expansive collaborations and improve efficiencies, while ensuring the most stringent security.

Meeting Industry Needs

NCS has more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions that support homeland security, deploying systems specially designed for use across multiple levels and government agencies. These allow public safety agencies to retain their operational agility in a secured manner. Our homeland security solutions are developed on enterprise-class architecture, integrating the latest web technologies and supporting heterogeneous platforms. 

Physical Security

Physical security is often the first layer of defence for any government or private building. NCS provides several solutions that are deployed along physical boundaries to deter and guard against unwanted entry, as well as monitor suspicious activities. 

Our engineering systems are designed to secure and physical access. These include:

Access Control Perimeter Surveillance Anti-Terrorist Measures
Biometrics (fingerprint, iris, facial) based access control system
Smart card based access control system
RFID-based access control system
Vehicle Barrier System
Guard Tour System
X-ray and metal detectors system
CCTV monitoring and surveillance
Motion Detection
Fixed or Automatic Bollards
Fixed or Automatic Barricade System
Automatic Gate and Fence System
Embedded Flower Beds
Under Vehicle Surveillance Camera
Tyre Killer

Police Services

These solutions are designed to help law enforcement officers conduct their operations and communicate with members of the public effectively. Our service offerings include:

  • Incident Report Solution
  • Traffic Incident and Violation Solution
  • Criminal Investigation Solution
  • Criminal Records Solution
  • Licensing and Permit Application and Management
  • Driving Test System
  • Casualty Information System

Immigration and Registration

These solutions enable immigration officers to identify and register residents as well as monitor visitors entering the country. These highly secured, mission-critical solutions operate 24x7, and include:

  • Immigration and Registration Solutions
  • Immigration and Registration e-Services
  • Advanced Clearance Solution
  • People Registration Solution

Prisons and Rehabilitation

NCS provides solutions to help prison authorities and correction institutions better manage their entire work processes, from custody to inmate aftercare. These solutions facilitate a people-centric workflow that ensures safe and secure custody of inmates, and efficient administration of programmes that assist inmates in integrating back into the society.

  • Integrated Security Solution
    • Movement Tracking
    • Admission & Discharge
    • Records Management
    • Rehabilitation and Incare
    • Aftercare
  • Prisons and Rehabilitation Solutions

Fire and Emergency

These solutions reduce operational tasks that firemen need to perform, thus, freeing them up from unnecessary distractions and enabling them to focus on their critical fire-fighting duties. Our service offerings include: 

  • Station Management Solution
  • Hazardous Materials Information Solution
  • Human Resource Management Solution

Narcotics Enforcement

NCS provides three main solutions to support narcotics case management:

  • Investigation and Supervision
  • Education Programme Management
  • Licensing Management