Innovative Services

Regardless of their size or industry, organisations today rely on IT to automate their business processes and reduce low-value activities. However, the IT market is increasingly crowded and enterprises can find the wide array of choices overwhelming. It is critical that they identify a reliable partner with the relevant expertise in service delivery and product customisation, and is able to provide quality support. 

NCS has extensive experience in providing multi-disciplinary services including consultancy, project management, applications development, and security. We support customers from various verticals and is committed to constantly introduce innovative services. 

Solutions and Services

CustomerConnect provides a one-stop portal to manage the organisation's IT resources and processes. It allows end-users to record and track their IT issues and service requests status. Operational personnel are also able to track and manage their organisation’s IT assets, users' requests and reported issues, and generate reports.


  • Fast deployment with low investment (available via a cloud model or on-premise deployment)
  • Delivers standardised processes and better workflow across delivery teams through a user-friendly interface

NCS has successfully delivered CustomerConnect across various industry segments and has expertise in system analysis, configuration and setup, project management, implementation planning and change management.

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Supporting NCS' business process outsourcing (BPO) services, OperationsConnect improves the quality and agility of managed services while keeping costs low. It enables the delivery of BPO services to improve the organisation's competitive position, revenue, and prospects for sustained success.


  • Delivers standardised processes and better workflow across delivery teams through a user-friendly interface
  • Provides increased compliance with service level agreements, optimal resource management, and continuous improvement insights via real-time performance monitoring

With NCS' OperationsConnect, organisations can deliver new BPO projects more quickly and easily. 

ExchangeConnect works across heterogeneous systems to provide a way for disparate systems within an organisation to talk to one another, improving communication and business processes.

It combines application integration capabilities with high-speed messaging and support for B2B, legacy applications, as well as event-driven technologies to create fully integrated business infrastructures.


  • Allows for multi-node deployment and high availability
  • Runs on different application server and databases
  • Configurable process flows and components that allow versatility to accommodate many integration scenarios

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LearningConnect is an e-learning platform that catapults corporate and learning institutions to be future-ready. Leveraging internet, cloud and social technologies as force multipliers, LearningConnect provides a flexible and user-friendly platform with intuitive tools and feature sets that address the learner-centred education and personalised learning.  

The platform is equipped with features such as initiative lesson authoring, assessment, analytics and reporting for educators to design, deliver, review and adapt learning activities efficiently. 


  • Reach out to learners via Software-as-a-Service or on-premises
  • Fast delivery with modular components
  • Data-driven insights through intuitive reports
  • Support multiple pedagogies, including Flipped Learning and Self-Paced Learning
  • Supports holistic development of learners’ competencies

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A tablet-based platform that delivers electronic publications to a whole new level. It creates an interactive knowledge clove for readers who can access the resources provided by their organisation, as well as various contents from commercial publishers.

With its unique social collaborative features, eNGage enables users to easily share their thoughts, ideas, and notes with like-minded peers. 

For educators, publishers, and organisations, it offers a secure platform that protects the intellectual property of their content. eNGage provides easy-to-use publishing features that facilitate the seamless delivery of content to readers. It also serves as an additional revenue channel for commercial publishers who can sell the electronic version of their works, offering additional multimedia features.


  • New innovative features can be added, enabling customers to own a product that always carries the latest and most useful features
  • A dedicated and local team to provide immediate response, which is provided as part of NCS after-sales support.
  • Platform-agnostic

The NCS eNGage platform has been successfully deployed at various customer sites as an e-learning and social collaboration solution.

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An online training management system for trainees across the enterprise to manage their learning requirements, as well as access assigned courses, provide feedback, and fill in training self-assessment forms. It enhances the training provider’s outreach to individuals and help learners better develop their skills and career roadmap.


  • Provides a community of learners, organisations, and training services providers
  • Delivery of courses and training resources under a single platform



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