As the world's urban populations are rising at a rate unprecedented, and city infrastructure and resources are increasingly strained by the day, it remains imperative to harness the wealth of data available to us today into actionable insights instrumental to the pillars of a truly smart and safe nation.

Enter IntelliSURF™ - an agile modular command-and-control platform towards a smarter, greener and safer future. Developed by NCS, IntelliSURF™ is compatible with a suite of modules designed with a wide range of functionalities across various users, contexts and industries in mind.





A core intellectual property developed by NCS, IntelliSURF™ is a scalable and inter-operable Command and Control Platform that facilitates the implementation of smart and safe city solutions.  Designed using open API, multiple sensors and analytic engines can be integrated for organisations to increase situational awareness, improve operational responsiveness and facilitate future-back scenario planning.


See how select modules complement IntelliSURF™ in this sample case scenario for building and estate managers.

Meter Data Management

Gain granular perspectives from the meter data to better manage the energy consumption levels of your buildings' tenants.

Smart Carparking

Improve your parking policy with insights from the parking data of your facility.

Video Analytics for Security

Sharpen your preventive security strategies with surveillance data, or streamline your workflow and resource planning with operational insights.


Here, you may download the PDF brochures for IntelliSURF™ and its suite of modules.

IntelliSURF™ and Smart Campus Solutions


PDF | 2.09 MB | 12 Oct 2015

Smart Campus Modules:

Access Control

PDF | 520.54 KB | 22 Mar 2016

Crowd Detection (VCA)

PDF | 380.5 KB | 26 Nov 2015

Crowd Detection (WiFi)

PDF | 569.22 KB | 26 Nov 2015

Video Analytics for Security

PDF | 1.81 MB | 12 Oct 2015

Smart Carparking

PDF | 1.78 MB | 12 Oct 2015


PDF | 1.09 MB | 12 Oct 2015

Real-Time Location Services

PDF | 533.83 KB | 22 Mar 2016

Meter Data Management

PDF | 2.15 MB | 12 Oct 2015

Water Meter Data Management

PDF | 432.45 KB | 26 Nov 2015

Feedback Analysis

PDF | 1.32 MB | 27 Oct 2015

Procurement Fraud Analytics

PDF | 404.4 KB | 22 Mar 2016

Social Media Analytics (Education)

PDF | 2.66 MB | 17 May 2016

Social Media Analytics (Healthcare)

PDF | 562.74 KB | 22 Mar 2016

Social Media Analytics (Public Safety)

PDF | 528.61 KB | 22 Mar 2016

Social Media Analytics (Transport)

PDF | 556.36 KB | 22 Mar 2016