Managed Application Performance

End-to-End Application Performance Monitoring

Nearly all business transactions rely on an increasingly complex IT infrastructure for their execution. However, managing the underlying infrastructure from a browser or handheld device – encompassing firewalls, networks, servers, middleware, applications, and databases – has added another layer of complexity, cost, and risk to business and IT management. 
  • Complex Infrastructure
    Business transactions may involve many applications residing in various servers across different network. Pin-pointing the exact source of failure that caused a failed business transaction puts a huge strain on the enterprise in terms of time and manpower resources.
  • End-User Experience
    Availability and efficiency of individual components may indirectly affect end-user experience. Components in a huge and complex infrastructure are inter-related, so every configuration made to a single component can impact the response of the entire business transaction.
  • Recovery Time
    Time taken for service recovery are increasingly important as organisations seek to be more service-oriented. Enterprises have to detect failure fast and ensure responsiveness of business transactions.
NCS help enterprises reduce and spread the cost of monitoring their applications with our subscription-based managed application performance services in three areas: 
  • End-To-End Application Performance Monitoring based on Synthetic Transactions
    Critical transactions are recorded and scheduled to run at regular intervals to measure response time and availability. This helps to detect and rectify any error and slowness of critical transactions. We provide synthetic transaction monitoring to ensure failure and slowness are detected even before the end-user experiences them.
  • End-To-End Application Performance Monitoring based on Real Transactions
    Information of every transaction done is collected and monitored. When error or slowness occurs, the root cause of the problem can be identified and resolved to maintain quality of service and experience. NCS provides real transaction monitoring to immediately rectify any business transaction failure.
  • WAN Application Acceleration
    Data is stored at both ends of the network to reduce the amount of information needed to be transmitted across the network and, hence, reducing application response time.