Managed Cloud: Cloud Services Brokerage

Enterprises are scurrying to hop on the cloud bandwagon, but things can get complex when they have to start managing several cloud services and multiple service providers. NCS breaks down this complexity for businesses through the provision of a single platform, accessible via a single sign-on. 

We offer a cloud services brokerage, ISConnect, that provides an intermediary to integrate and aggregate services from multiple providers. It consolidates different services onto a common platform, so organisations get a unified experience and can consume cloud services more easily.

With a consolidated view of the organisation's cloud usage, the IT department is able to track resource usage, and ensure proper security procedures are being observed. It also enables IT assets and usage to be optimised as it is can support both public and private cloud implementation.

Solutions and Services

NCS’ ISConnect brokerage offers a single platform that manages both SaaS and IaaS either on a private or public cloud.