Managed Cloud: Communications and Collaboration

Today, more and more users rely on a wide range of collaboration and communications tools, ranging from SMS notifications to cloud storage, in their private and professional lives. Organisations are also leveraging these modern communication platforms to improve customer service and reduce operating cost.

The NCS beConnect™ solutions suite is developed to support an organisation's varying communication needs. It comprises of tools that enable online social networking, making use of cloud technology to provide scalability, availability, and multi-tenancy capabilities. 

Solutions and Services

A platform which connects attendees, speakers real-time with polling, voting and submitting answers via SMS and email.
A holistic management process of identifying potential incidents that threaten an organization and the development of plans to respond to such incidents.
A comprehensive process which encompasses broadcast functions that move beyond the  traditional call tree system to provide enhanced communication.
A cross-channel communication tool for organizations to rapidly reach their target audience.
An enterprise collaboration platform that offers standard instant messaging features as well as other innovative features for business users.
A managed and shared SMS gateway which can be seamlessly integrated into the customer's environment.



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Cloud Computing Services

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