Managed Endpoint Services

Regain Control of Your Endpoints

In today’s globalised economy, businesses are operating at a high velocity and borderless world. Desktop infrastructures are continuously exposed to various risks ranging from compliance violation, security threats to informational leaks. As a result, businesses face financial risks and consequences of operational failure should their systems be breached.

To further complicate things, users are increasingly mobile and organisations find it challenging to track and manage them. Mobile desktops further threaten the security of the corporate network as it is difficult to enforce security policies and give mandatory updates. It is imperative to conduct business in a trusted environment, with real-time visibility of the entire desktop infrastructure.

NCS offers a comprehensive suite of Managed Endpoint Services to suit an organisation's needs and value-add to its business:

Solutions & Services

  • one-stop Service Desk
    Reduces ICT support interfaces to just a “One-stop Service Desk”, which provides troubleshooting, escalation, and resolution services
  • Remote Support Services
    Provide secure desktop Remote Support Services, available anywhere with just a connection to the Internet
  • Desk-side Services
    Offer direct access to on-demand Desk-side Services for all IMAC needs, supported by a team of professional NCS engineers
  • Asset Inventory Management
    Manages complex ICT environments through a single source for real-time visibility
  • Software Distribution Management
    Provides efficiency by delivering applications electronically to the endpoints with policy-based distribution rules, customised to the distribution targets
  • Patch Management
    Increases the resiliency of an ICT environment with automatic security patch requirements assessment and timely deployment. Allows organisations to achieve minimum patch gap and maximum coverage.
  • Software Usage Management
    Monitors software usage with pattern trends reporting for license cost optimisation and contractual compliance; accurate even when the endpoints are not perpetually connected to the corporate network
  • Endpoint anti-virus Management
    Streamlines and improves manageability of third-party anti-virus and anti-spyware installations by using a single console infrastructure
  • Endpoint anti-malware Engine 
    Transforms to an integrated proactive defence against malicious virus, worms, and spyware attacks using industry leading anti-malware engine with real-time visibility and control
  • Personal Firewall
    Enhances personal protection with differentiated access policies based on the endpoint’s security posture that is location-aware.
  • Network Access Control
    Provides assurance that only endpoints conforming to the corporate access policies are allowed connection, with an always-on self-assessment and enforcement infrastructure
  • Device and Content Encryption
    Offers complete protection with device and content encryption for data, at-rest and in-motion, using a comprehensive and auditable encryption protection technology
  • Security Compliance Management
    Ensures compliance with a comprehensive set of technical controls and best practices for detecting and enforcing organisational policies within an ICT environment
  • Vulnerability Management
    Proactive real-time assessment and remediation of the ICT environment for possible security vulnerability or configuration issues even before they become problems
  • Power Management
    Supports the Go-Green movement with real-time monitoring and reporting of power consumption and the enforcement of power-off policies in the organisation's ICT environment
  • Bare-Metal Provisioning
    Gain the ability of rapid provisioning with automated deployment and redeployment of OS and applications to bare-metal machines.


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