Managed Network Services

Manage Complex and Ever Changing Network Requirements

The network today is becoming more feature-rich, offering even higher bandwidth with improved security, and also becoming more affordable as acquisition costs come down. All-in-one network devices are becoming popular and, given their modular construction, often allow rapid upgrading via software or hardware extensions.

In-house IT network operation teams face several challenges managing complex and ever-changing network requirements. At the same time, organisations struggle to retain skilled network engineers and hope to keep manpower attrition at the minimum.

NCS Managed Network Services provides a comprehensive solution to monitor an organisation's IT infrastructure based on a service delivery framework that adheres to a set of processes for speedy network fault detection and performance measurements monitoring.

Managed LAN Service Managed WAN Service Traffic Analysis Service
Managed LAN Service provides proactive fault and performance monitoring and management solution. It also provides in-depth visibility of equipment deployed within the LAN such as routers, switches, and wireless LAN devices. WAN Management Service provides monitoring and management of WAN devices and WAN service providers across regions. Traffic Analysis service is based on the Netflow/RMON2 network traffic data. Gain expert analysis reports and executive recommendations on Fault and Performance of WAN.

Service Offerings

  • Centralised Fault and Performance Monitoring of the Customer Network Infrastructure
    Fault monitoring provides proactive fault alerts, identification, and isolation for faster response and fault resolution. Performance monitoring offers real-time and historical information on device resource utilisation and performance. This not only assists in future capacity planning, it also identifies areas within the infrastructure that exhibit performance issues.
  • Round-the-clock Monitoring and Management of Incidents
    We help govern incident management process aligned to ISO 20000 standard. Incident management encompasses logging of all incidents into the incident logging system and escalation of the incident to a higher level support project team.
  • Network Operation and Administration
    Experienced NCS engineers will take care of the day-to-day operation of the network from change and configuration management to the complex troubleshooting, resolution, recommendation of network incidents and problems, as well as complex configuration of network.
  • Consultation
    Consultancy for the customer's IT infrastructure to meet new requirements or further improvements on existing IT infrastructure in terms of resiliency, security, and performance.
  • Reporting
    Customer will have web-based access to view the fault and performance status of the network.