Managed Security Services

Proactive Real-Time Monitoring & Risk Management

Corporate networks and systems are becoming more complex as organisations integrate new modes of communication into their business operations and open up their corporate network to vendors and customers. Given this new business reality, security issues and risks will multiply. Organisations face many challenges when it comes to ensuring the security of their IT infrastructure. These include: 
  • The need for sophisticated protection
    Enterprises have to stay ahead of the technology curve with security solutions that can detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated attacks.
  • The need for skilled security resources
    Implementing and managing a comprehensive network security solution requires considerable expertise and specialised skills that have to be constantly updated. 
  • The need for real-time monitoring
    Maintaining in-house capabilities for real-time monitoring and response puts a huge strain on the enterprise in terms of the manpower resources and equipment needed.
NCS fully understands the threats facing an organisation's IT infrastructure and is well-positioned to help mitigate risks arising from both internal and external environments. Our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides across-the-board, round-the-clock insights into the organisation's network and security posture, and offers a full-spectrum of security services to manage and mitigate all hazards and threats.  These services include:
  • SIEM Monitoring
    Real-time monitoring of both the physical and IT infrastructure, and round-the-clock response to any security breaches that may occur.
  • IT Governance & Compliance Monitoring
    The IT Governance Monitoring service provides a system for implementing, assessing, and monitoring internal controls to ensure the IT Governance framework is adhered to. Areas covered include access control changes, administrative activity, log-in monitoring, as well as change and risk management.
  • The Compliance Monitoring service provides intelligent collection, correlation, and reporting of security events in the context of respective compliance requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) data security standards.
  • Insider Threat Monitoring
    The Insider Threat Monitoring service uses a multi-tiered approach to identify high-value targets and keep track of activities of different groups of users in order to identify, monitor, and respond to different levels of insider threats.
  • Process System Control/SCADA Monitoring
    SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used to perform data collection and control to ensure process control systems are protected against cybersecurity threats. This service integrates and centralises security information from all plausible points of entry within the process control network. The information is then correlated to detect, identify, and provide alerts on cyber-attacks, enabling system owners to come up with a timely response.
  • Security Device Management
    The Security Device Management service covers on-site deployment and management of security devices and solutions such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), unified threat management (UTM) appliances, network intrusion detection systems (NIDS), and patch management systems. It encompasses the set-up, configuration, and round-the-clock management of these solutions.
  • Rapid Threat Containment
    This service provides a rapid response to a security incident by locating it, analysing its impact, and quarantining the affected network node. This dramatically reduces the downstream impact on the customer environment.
  • Security Consultancy Services
    Our IT Audit/Technical Review services provide organisations with a clearer picture of their security policies, procedures, and systems, and how effective they are in countering security threats. Under our Consultancy and Training services, our information-security consultants will examine the organisation's security posture, provide recommendations for areas of improvement, and help bring in-house staff up to speed in addressing security concerns and challenges.