Accelerate Government Digital Transformation with NCS and AWS

NCS is dedicated to smoothen your journey to the AWS Cloud. We are committed to walk alongside you to ensure that you have the best cloud strategy that fits your Digital Transformation needs. With NCS as your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and as your trusted cloud consultant, you get the best of both worlds for end-to-end planning, implementation and management of your AWS cloud environment.


NCS provides strategic consulting and IT planning for governments at all levels, helping them leverage technology to transform their nation into knowledge-based economies. NCS develops government IT masterplans, e-government frameworks, architecture roadmaps, IT policies, and community programmes to raise national competitiveness and quality of life. NCS has delivered consulting services at both national and agency levels for governments across the Asian region, including Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka. With our ability to understand the unique needs of clients in this space, we are able to strategize, plan, develop, and implement Government projects efficiently.

Being the trusted ICT solutions provider for the government, NCS helps clients develop their Digital Transformation strategies and designs, builds, deploy and operates AWS Cloud infrastructure specifically designed to meet government security and compliance requirements while giving clients the flexibility and agility needed to accelerate innovation.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, NCS help clients accelerate Digital Transformation

Close the skills gap

Clients in the Public Sector may lack the confidence and expertise to handle the risks and complexities of cloud adoption in-house. A trusted advisor with proven reliability and experience can help to evaluate ways to plan, migrate and manage cloud, helping businesses achieve agility and cost-saving goals.

Reduce risks

Any IT migration comes with its inherent risks, ranging from costs, duration and disruption to production IT systems and business operations. Backed by proven methodologies and sound program management, experienced cloud consultants that speak the same language and take the time to understand business requirements - beyond IT requirements - can smoothen the Digital Transformation journey

Overcome scalability limitations

Some Public Sector clients may have in-house IT skills, but lack the scalability for an organization wide implementation. Conversely, other organisations which do not have the capabilities, often have no plans to hire or develop cloud transformation and migration skills - after reviewing trade-offs between core and non-core capabilities. Working with external cloud professional services is an effective way to tap into outside expertise to move the company forward quickly.

Ensure visibility over cloud infrastructure spend

With the high adoption rate of cloud, there is the challenge of managing myriad type of cloud resources. To prevent overspending or underutilisation, it is key to maintain visibility over one’s IT infrastructure spend, while having the ability to effectively map cloud usage and costs to the right division, department, user or project. A trusted advisor providing valuable insights on existing cloud spend information can guide and recommend ways to optimise one’s cloud spend and infrastructure, for better long-term cloud investment planning.

Our cloud advisors will help you:

Assess and plan your cloud strategy to align to your business needs

Analyse and advise ways to optimise cloud spend and infrastructure

Detect and discover relevant business needs

Execute and manage your end-to-end cloud deployment


Single point of contact

As both your CSP and consultant, we help you gain more control over your cloud investment by leveraging Singtel Cloud Lifecycle Services Team’s certified experience and knowledge.

Lower risks of failure

Benefit from an optimally designed cloud infrastructure that maximises efficiencies and cost savings. We strive to understand your business/IT challenges and key milestones as well as to empower and work alongside you to create a seamless cloud strategy that meets your needs.

Security by Design

The threat landscape has evolved, but with the right preparation Public Sector clients can implement security practices in AWS that significantly reduce the potential risk of a cyber-attack. With a focus on AWS Security Best Practices, NCS is committed to ensuring security in your AWS Cloud environment.

Optimise IT resources and cloud infrastructure expenses

Free your limited IT resources from tactical, day-to-day management of cloud architecture, so you can focus on core IT functions that ensure business continuity and avoid costly downtime. Gain better visibility and control over your AWS Cloud infrastructure expenses with enhanced visibility via monthly reports that go beyond raw data.

Infrastructure Design

We assist you with suitability assessments and selection of a cloud service model for migrating and transforming current data centres to the cloud along with designing and developing architectures for the cloud. We help you build an effective operating model for sustaining, monitoring and operating cloud solutions.

Transformation and Operations

NCS assesses your current environment and conducts pilot proof of concepts.  With extensive operational experience and tools, NCS can operate your AWS environment optimally as well as optimize performance and availability to satisfy the needs and expectations of your organisation.



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