Mobility Solutions

To stay ahead, enterprises need to remain connected with their customers through a multitude of ways, with mobility and analytics as key drivers of this new digital era. The enterprise workforce today demands access to intelligent services on the move as well as mobile productivity tools to sharpen their business edge.

There is a need not just to have information at the fingertips, but for tools to manage and help make sense of content out there. Our enterprise platform tools leverage mobile and social networking technology to help organisations engage with their customers more effectively.

Solutions and Services

Mobile Enabling, Business Empowering

OneMobility™ is a mobile application development platform that accelerates the design and development of native mobile applications on various device operating systems. This is an NCS developed solution that gives organisations the key competitive advantage of time-to-market, ease of content administration, and best practices in delivering mobility to their business and customers, securely and effectively. 

Customisable with ready plug-in technology, OneMobility™ also addresses major concerns on governance for Mobile Applications Management (MAM). This requires a consistent approach to mobile applications development, deployment and maintenance through a Mobile Applications Development Platform (MADP). 

NCS also offers end-to-end managed mobility services that complement the OneMobility™ platform, ranging  from consultancy in mobility strategy and apps development, to hosting, provisioning, security management, and proven enterprise systems integration with major enterprise-backed systems. All these are geared towards helping organisations optimise the exciting power and experience of mobility demanded by today's dynamic workforce.

To date, the OneMobility™ platform has already been integrated in the government and banking industries by our experienced team of developers. OneMobility™ can also be licensed by System Integrators to enhance their mobile delivery capabilities.

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Enhancing enterprise productivity on a mobile tablet platform

OneTouch™ is a platform that offers the enterprise mobile workforce an interactive and productive experience when engaging their clients. It helps enterprises enhance productivity by enabling their mobile workforce to access data, content, and services from backend systems while on the move. They can also use OneTouch™ to present product catalogues intuitively, fill forms, generate proposals, or collaborate with clients and colleagues. 

OneTouch™ unifies the access and presentation of enterprise applications and information to a mobile tablet platform on the cloud, powering the NCS vision of "Applications Anywhere, Anytime, on Any device, on an Always-on infrastructure".

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An all-in-one calendar platform

OneCal™ aims to make the user experience more integrated and meaningful, allowing businesses to better connect with their users. As part of NCS' suite of enterprise mobility solutions, OneCal™ streamlines events across different calendars from corporate portals, through the web interface, into one view and preset alerts for important dates to increase efficiency. In addition, user experience is further enhanced with a rich layer of lifestyle information, social sharing features, location-aware events, promotions, and directional maps. 

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A learning and collaboration accelerator

OnePlace™ offers a new learning and collaborative experience on the cloud. Users need not worry about the difficulties of collaboration within a diverse workforce. The social collaboration platform enables enterprises to reach out to a wide customer base and makes learning more interactive and rewarding. It provides an environment that facilitates teamwork, communication and partnership at a fraction of the cost through the use of mobile, social media, business Intelligence, and calendaring/scheduling tools. 

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A secured enterprise mobile chat application

OneChat™ is onceptualised and designed like a “consumer app” but specifically developed for an Enterprise secured environment. Its intuitive user interface and user-friendly chat features allow individuals to conduct group and private chats with their business contacts in a secured enterprise environment. It meets the needs for a collaborative enterprise, supported by a dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC) or on premise deployment.

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