NCS and ictQATAR successfully deliver Hukoomi - the new One-Stop Gateway to Qatar Government

Singapore, March 6, 2008

Bringing Innovative e-Government Services to the People of Qatar

NCS Group, a leading regional information technology and communications engineering service provider in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, announced the successful launch of Hukoomi - the new one-stop portal for the Government of Qatar.

Commissioned by ictQATAR, the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology of the State of Qatar, Hukoomi was officially launched on 5 February 2008. The new portal marks a milestone in the Qatar Government’s commitment to deliver world class government services to the people who visit, live and work in Qatar.

To ensure the successful implementation of the new portal, NCS worked closely with ictQATAR on two key areas – the Portal Content and Infrastructure, which cover consultation and development work on the information and technology architecture, content development and customisation elements for the portal.

The new portal, named Hukoomi, stands for a more open, transparent government that listens and responds to the needs of individuals and businesses. It is designed to reflect Qatar’s unique culture, traditions and history, and delivers the promise of bringing the government closer to the people it serves. It can be found at

Currently, the portal links and hosts 48 government entities, providing the necessary information and online services. It is designed and built with the users in mind, providing a one-stop experience for citizens, residents, visitors and businesses, giving them easy and convenient access to government information and services at any time of the day. More services and information will be rolled out through the portal over the next few years.

Besides benefiting the users, Hukoomi is also designed to benefit ictQATAR with a more robust and manageable portal, with better Information and its supporting IT infrastructure and Integrated Content Management tool. The portal content boasts a structured and streamlined approach with content tracking system while the portal’s IT components are designed for future needs with allowances for the infrastructure to integrate current and future e-services for Government to Government and Government to Enterprise services.

At the official launch of Hukoomi, Mr Yousef Al-Naama, i-Gov Program Manager of ictQATAR said “Hukoomi is a significant initiative under the Qatar Government’s modernisation efforts towards an integrated government-wide plan and involving every ministry. ictQATAR is proud to spearhead this project and work closely with our reliable partner, NCS, to overcome many challenges.  NCS has proven to be the domain experts with committed professionalism that delivers beyond expectations. The team has been responsive and value-added to the completion of Hukoomi. “

Mr Lum Hon Fye, Chief of Global Business, NCS Group said, “We are pleased and excited to be part of the ictQATAR e-Government initiative. This project is of great significance to NCS, ictQATAR and the people who live and work in Qatar. This major project for the e-Government space is further testimony of NCS’ commitment to the Middle East region.”

“With more than 25 years of proven public sector experience, NCS will continue to work closely with ictQATAR and the other government agencies to deliver new and higher standards of ICT excellence. The innovative use of Information Technology will bring significant benefits of e-Government services to the Qatar government and the people it serves,” Mr Lum added.

The launch of Hukoomi marks an innovative deployment of e-Government services, set to bring the Qatar Government’s services up a notch and enhance the relationship between the Qatar Government and the people it serves. With Hukoomi in place, Qatar’s various government agencies will be able to develop and roll out a new range of e-services, information and updates in a shorter timeframe, reducing service delivery costs to the Government and enhancing service delivery standards to the enterprises and users.


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