Speedier Time-to-Market with NCS' Catalyst

Singapore, June 21, 2011

Innovative business initiative aimed at helping businesses leapfrog competition 
The NCS Group, a leading regional infocommunications service provider, today announced the launch of a new business initiative that promises to deliver speed, flexibility and security to private and public sector enterprises. Aptly named Catalyst, the unit is tasked to identify and incubate next-generation technologies and solutions, with the expertise to turn them into enterprise-ready solutions. The results – Speedier time-to-market of innovative and secure solutions that are the hallmarks of the NCS brand.

Catalyst’s suite of solutions spans across the key pillars of mobility, social media, cloud computing, business analytics, portal management and operations. Catalyst’s social media and collaborative tools serve to inspire unstructured learning, enhanced mobility and deeper levels of customer understanding. By pulling together the best practices within these pillars, Catalyst helps customers understand and reach their audiences better and faster within a secured Cloud environment. 

Commenting on Catalyst’s role in the marketplace, NCS’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Chia Wee Boon said: “Catalyst is an accelerator of business innovation. By harvesting new solutions and harnessing next-generation technologies, our customers will have access to a single, integrated marketplace that blends cutting-edge technologies with end-to-end services that address every aspect of successful go-to-market campaigns.” 
Technology and more

Catalyst believes that the solutions it delivers extend beyond the technology that it identifies and incubates. It is also the human capital that matters. Leveraging more than 7,000 staff with expertise and experience from engineering to marketing, Catalyst has the resources which it can deploy to ensure that customers can stay 
focused on their businesses.

In addition, Catalyst counts on an ecosystem of private and public sector partner relationships that have been cemented over the years. This provides enterprises the opportunity to tap into and expand their business offering and network, giving them a key differentiation and a new engagement model with their customers and employees.

Mr Chia added: “In addition to our current products, OnePlace(TM) and OneCal(TM), Catalyst is focused on conceiving new integrated platforms that give customers 360-degree, innovative and impactful end-to-end solutions to propel their businesses forward. The development of such platforms will give customers greater options to on-board and embed pre-selected technologies that can be implemented quickly and marketed effectively, with minimal change or impact to their backend systems.

"Through Catalyst, customers will be able to future proof their investment as they leave the adoption of advances in technology to us.” 
OnePlaceTM – The game-changer in enterprise solutions

OnePlace(TM) is a learning and collaboration accelerator for both Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Enterprises through the use of mobile, social media, business analytics and calendaring/scheduling tools. This solution suite is based on a platform that offers customers secure, scalable and ready plug-in technology that speeds up deployment time, accelerating time-to-market, giving businesses a significant competitive edge.

Delivering the inherent benefits that both the public and private Cloud provide, OnePlace(TM) is highly scalable and robust. In addition, customers can now quickly provision and leverage these technologies for competitive and go-to-market advantages.

Apart from the baseline attributes of speed, flexibility and scalability, OnePlace(TM) offers customers the experience and expertise to draw relevance of next-generation technologies to real-world business needs and how they can be maximised to drive efficiency and speed-to-market.  
OneCal(TM) – Organising your world

Featuring a sleek and intuitive interface, Catalyst’s scheduling and alert tool OneCal(TM) gives users control over what alerts to receive and how they want to receive them.

Accessible via any Internet-enabled mobile devices (such as handphones and tablets) or computer, OneCal(TM) is able to aggregate the user’s own calendar of activities with important government and private sector alerts from Catalyst’s network of partners. Be it getting alerts for attending trade shows and product launches, when to book in for in-camp training (for Singapore National Service men), dinner with friends and even reminders for repayment of library fines, OneCal(TM) ensures that no appointment will be missed. Its social-sharing feature also allows users to share the events that matter to them with the people who matter most.

For marketers, this also presents another touch point to reach out to customers. By joining as a Catalyst partner, enterprises now have a platform to reach out to their audiences and their network through the social sharing feature. In addition, OneCal(TM) also offers an analytics service, providing marketers a deeper understanding of their audience’s preference. With OneCal(TM), marketers can enjoy an integrated and cost-effective channel to multiply brand presence and activities.   

For more information on Catalyst and the solutions on offer, please log on to http://catalyst.ncs.com.sg, or Like us on Facebook for updates on what is coming next athttp://www.facebook.com/CatalystEnterprise  

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