NCS Incorporates New Technologies into Solution Offerings for a Connected and Urbanised Future

Singapore, June 29, 2012

Launching Solutions for an Urbanised Future (SURF) in World Cities Summit 2012 

Singapore, Friday, 29 June 2012 – NCS will be launching its new initiative, Solutions for an Urbanised Future (SURF), which integrates new technologies in solution offerings for government agencies and enterprises. SURF will utilise new technologies such as big data and analytics, machine-to-machine communications, sensing technology, social networking and mobility technologies to enhance services in education, healthcare, transport as well as other key industry sectors. These new technologies will complement current capabilities and implementations to enhance the solution offerings to customers.
“Government agencies are increasingly demanding new technologies to be incorporated into our solutions and project implementations. Technologies such as mobility, social networking and analytics have become a necessity and can be effectively integrated with government services for the public. With close to 2,000 customers, our solutions enhance and impact the lives of over 5 million people in Singapore and the region. SURF crystallises NCS’ capabilities and solutions for a connected and urbanised future. It addresses the challenges and opportunities resulting from rapid urbanisation. Through SURF, we envision an urban landscape with endless possibilities,” said Chia Wee Boon, Chief Executive Officer, NCS.
As part of the SURF launch, NCS will introduce new solutions namely the eNGage, Energy Management solution and OneCalTM at World Cities Summit 2012.
Education: Inspiring a Vibrant Learning Environment with eNGage Tablet ebook

The focus on enabling a mobile and wireless school environment is marked by the launch of the eNGage tablet eBook, which is a publishing tool with social collaboration features that enables sharing of knowledge and ideas through tablets. eNGage is currently being implemented in schools – teachers are enabled to create test papers or learning materials for students to access through their iPads. With this, students can view content electronically, and share annotations with peers and teachers, making learning a richer and more interactive experience. 
NCS continues to leverage on current capabilities to enable wireless capabilities for the Institute of Technical Education College Central campus at Ang Mo Kio. A recently awarded project will see NCS build a high-speed, high-capacity wired and wireless environment for more than 11,000 students and staff, with 12,000 datapoints over 11 massive blocks.
NCS is also focused on enabling schools regionally. Recently, NCS was awarded the contract to extend NCS services for the 3rd time to continue providing WebSAMS system maintenance and system support to over 1,100 schools for the Education Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for the next 2 and half years. NCS had worked with the agency to develop a nationwide used web-based school administration and management system to help the agency manage students and school matters efficiently and effectively for over 1,100 primary and secondary students. 
Energy Management: Cost Monitoring and Lower Carbon Footprint with Real-Time Energy Management 
NCS will also be focusing on energy management and has developed a solution to help track energy use within a building in real-time, using sensing and communication technologies. Energy usage is monitored by sensors and can be displayed via an online dashboard or on a downloadable mobile app. The solution displays the amount of energy used in real-time within the various locations of the building and the breakdown of energy consumption. With such information, companies can monitor and identify potential sources of high energy usage to reap cost savings.
OneCalTM : An Integrated Mobile Calendar for Each Citizen
OneCalTM, an all-in-one calendar app, taps on our network with government organisations and other partners to consolidate government services, alerts , events and promotions into a mobile app. For example, the app can issue users with alert reminders from schools on important events or deadlines for the payment of fines. The app can also inform a user of promotional deals nearby and give him online directions to get to venues of events which are linked to events on his calendar.
Healthcare: A Digital Hospital and Personal Healthcare Management System
In the area of healthcare, efforts to build a digital hospital are underway. NCS has been working with healthcare providers to provide a solution incorporating social networking and mobility to help facilitate self-management of health for the public and patients. It is envisioned that healthy individuals and patients will access mobile and web health applications relating to wellness and health monitoring with the solution.
NCS capabilities include implementing hospital management systems as well as portal technologies, to enhance workflow processes and efficiency. NCS had worked with National University Hospital (NUH), Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Alexandra Hospital (JurongHealth) and Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to develop the Electronic Inpatient Medication Record and Inpatient Medication Administration Record System (eIMR-iMAR).  Coupled with the automated dispensing cabinets and scanning devices in the hospitals, eIMR-iMAR has helped enable a closed loop approach in ordering, dispensing and administering medications in the course of patient care.  This solution has fulfiled the 4 “rights” desired in Medication Administration at the hospital wards, i.e. Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Patient and Right Serving Time.
Last year, NCS implemented the Electronic Dental Record System for the National Dental Centre of Singapore (NDCS). This enterprise solution integrates the various components of patient management and digitises the patient dental records to provide a seamless user experience. The system also enables critical medical information such as patients’ medical histories, lab test results and drug allergy alerts to be shared between hospitals. This enhances patient safety processes and saves costs from duplicate tests. This year, the patient health portal for National Skin Centre (NSC) was developed to enable patients to access their medical records online from the convenience of their homes.
“Imagine a digital hospital which seamlessly manages the processes and flow of information, or a connected mobile platform that will transform the way students and teachers interact and learn. Think about an automated surveillance system with video analytics and colour search capabilities, or predictive event management to enable a delightful travelling experience. NCS is committed to create value to provide an ICT-enabled vibrant, smart and sustainable urban city,” said Chia Wee Boon, Chief Executive Officer, NCS.

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