Transforming Singapore Healthcare with Smart Technology

Singapore, November 26, 2014

Enhancing care for the elderly and meeting the needs of citizens

NCS, the leading Info-Communication Technology (ICT) provider extends its capabilities in Singapore Healthcare sector with innovative technological solutions to provide better quality patient care services and efficient models of delivery. Emerging technologies have empowered healthcare services to be more patient-centric to enhance care for the elderly, meet the growing needs of citizens and manage rising medical costs.
NCS SURF Emerging Technology Maturity Index 2014 - a study based on a survey of Singapore senior IT executives from 240 organisations revealed that the healthcare industry has a higher maturity index 51(Index score on a scale of 100) as compared to other industries. 65% of healthcare organisations highlighted patient care and visibility into operations as the key business use case for innovation projects. The healthcare industry also shows a higher rate of adoption for situational awareness technologies such as RFID, medical wearable, telemetry and environmental monitoring.
Notably, Singapore healthcare providers have been actively utilising technology to improve their patient care services. NCS supported the launch of its healthcare solutions for local renowned hospitals. The Automated Pharmacy Dispensing system manages the medication picking, packing, labelling, assembling, verifying and dispensing workflow through integration with automated dispensing machines and scanning devices. The enhanced workflow not only improves patient waiting time but also increases efficiency and accuracy in medication dispensing process. NCS has also integrated the new Patient Flow Management system into hospital’s patient administrative system with patient self-service capability. It has effectively improves patient experiences during the hospital visits. Patients can now get through their entire visit with just a single queue number and make a consolidated payment at the end for their visits ranging from consultation, tests, medication and various service stations within the hospitals.
“It is exciting to be involved in the ongoing work and transformation of Singapore healthcare services through Smart technology,” said Chan Kah Choon, Sales Director (Healthcare) of NCS. “Embracing the digital healthcare revolution will lead to seamless flow of information where every processes are connected and collaborated. We are honoured to be able to pioneer the way for more efficient and effective healthcare services for citizens from cradle to silver years.”
Together with Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), NCS hassuccessfully implemented several innovative solutions to improve the delivery of patient care services in hospitals.
In time to come, citizens can expect more proactive, responsive and integrated healthcare services such as Centralised Electronic Health Record System which integrates electronics medical records from different healthcare providers to provide a summary of the patient’s medical history to ensure continuality treatment or Medical Assets Tracking System and Medical Wearable embedded with an asset manager application to track statuses and conditions of medical equipment and other assets through intelligent systems which drives smart bed management to optimise resources as well as wearable smart devices which allow patients to monitor vital signs, 24/7 and provide readings to the hospital’s integrated medical records system.
Moving forward, NCS’ Solutions for an Urbanised Future (SURF) will continue to pioneer more innovative information communication technologies (ICT) solutions to boost connectivity and collaboration for sustainable cities.
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