.NET MySingapore Announces New Partners to Bring XML Web Services Closer to Singaporeans

Singapore, October 15, 2002

Singaporeans will soon experience how Web Services can make life more convenient and take the hassle out of everyday tasks. To support this primary objective, the leaders of .NET MySingapore, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA Singapore) and Microsoft today announced three new partners - the Institute of Systems Science (ISS), National Computer Systems (NCS) and NTUC Income. Together, they create the world's first living lab for XML (Extensible Markup Language) Web Services.

First announced in April 2002 by IDA Singapore and Microsoft, .NET MySingapore is a collaborative project to develop XML Web Services in Singapore. The project also aims to tap into the potential of Web Services for opportunities to build new infocomm skills and knowledge as well as open new avenues of business.

IDA Singapore Chairman Lam Chuan Leong said, ".NET MySingapore is in line with IDA's efforts to leverage the potential and growth of Web Services. We have identified Web Services as one of the areas that Singapore can play a leadership role, and become an engine of growth for our software and IT services industry."

In line with the collaborative spirit of .NET MySingapore, both IDA Singapore and Microsoft have invited the new partners on board. Each partner brings industry leadership to the project. The ISS is a leader in IT training, NCS is a premier IT service and engineering provider, and NTUC Income has consistently shown its customers how it can make their daily tasks even more convenient through the Internet.

"This is a great example of how governments are working with the software industry and its partners to create Web Services-and helping people realise their full potential at home and at work," said Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer in Singapore today.

.NET MySingapore consists of four distinct pillars: Community XML Web Services, Training, Overseas Development and Emerging Technologies Exploration.

Community XML Web Services

NTUC Income is the services aggregator in this first pillar of .NET MySingapore. Through .NET MySingapore, NTUC Income will enhance its existing online services for its 1 million policyholders and the public.

NTUC Income's contribution to the XML Web Services project will be unveiled later today, at the launch of www.BigTrumpet.com.sg. The site will enable the public to easily access and utilise online services, enjoying the convenience of transacting in a personalised environment with a number of organisations simultaneously.

NTUC Income Chief Executive Tan Kin Lian said, "By incorporating XML Web Services into our existing online services, we hope to create a whole new experience for our customers and business partners."

NTUC Income is also partnering with Hewlett-Packard (HP) and TrustedHub on BigTrumpet. HP is providing the agile IT infrastructure and managed services, and Trusted Hub is providing a highly secure and certified Electronic Trusted Vault for the creation, storage and management of electronic content for BigTrumpet.

Microsoft, through its .NET initiative, provides an XML Web Services framework for organisations like NTUC Income that can be adapted and implemented into existing Internet structures. .NET enables the sharing and combination of information with other systems on any platform, and provides tailored solutions for organisations and people.

As a key partner in this pillar, NCS provides the innovative portal framework and smart engine to power the .NET MySingapore programme. NCS also works closely with the participating government agencies and business partners to develop and integrate their respective Web Services.

NCS' Chief Executive Officer Lee Kwok Cheong said, "NCS is pleased to contribute our expertise on large-scale systems integration and Web Services design to .NET MySingapore. Through .NET MySingapore, we have further enlarged our spectrum of offerings. We aim to power many more collaborative Web Services to create unparalleled value for our partners in the public and private sectors, and the community at large."


ISS, working together with Microsoft, has developed a new training curriculum for post-graduates. By the end of the year, 70 full-time ISS graduate diploma students will attend four .NET-related course modules.

ISS Director Lim Swee Cheang said, "By July 2003, three .NET-related electives will be made available to our 400 part-time masters students. We will also launch a .NET-based e-learning short course next year. We hope to expand beyond this in the near future. In particular, our intention is to package and transfer this curriculum to other institutes of higher learning in Singapore. Also, in collaboration with Microsoft and other interested partners, we are looking into the possibility of creating a .NET certification scheme for IT professionals."

Microsoft Corp. has committed resources to this pillar. It particular, Microsoft will provide specialised expertise, make available existing content and conduct research to make a significant contribution to the development and delivery of the courses.

The training project team is in the process of setting up a steering committee to oversee the curriculum definition and to ensure its relevance to development of local IT professionals. The committee will consist of members from leading educational and tertiary institutions, and leading .NET user organisations in Singapore.

Overseas Development

The third component of .NET MySingapore is the establishment of a Microsoft-IDA Singapore overseas development programme designed to provide Singaporean IT enterprises with a voice and unprecedented direct access to new web service technologies emerging in the US. This pillar gives local businesses the opportunity to further enhance their development capabilities, global competitiveness and overseas market share. Under this pillar, a position at Microsoft Corp, Redmond will be created and co-funded by Microsoft and IDA Singapore to manage this programme. Currently in its early stages, the new position will be filled, and Singapore-based partners will be identified by 1Q 2003.

Emerging Technologies Exploration

.NET MySingapore is currently examining ways of establishing Singapore as an emerging technology development hub. By working closely with Microsoft Corp. in Redmond, along with leading academic and industry researchers in Singapore, .NET MySingapore will identify the shape and form this can take in the coming months.

About .NET MySingapore

.NET MySingapore (pronounced dot-net my Singapore) is a strategic partnership between IDA Singapore and Microsoft and is aimed at bringing Singapore to a higher level of Internet connectivity through first-of-its-kind services that will allow Singaporeans to take advantage of leading edge technologies. .NET MySingapore comprises four pillars. They are:

  • The creation of community XML Web Services that enable Singapore citizens to easily access and utilise community services and organisations
  • The development of a new training curriculum and the world's first programme for certifying Web Services professionals, and establishing a Microsoft .NET Professional Certification
  • The establishment of a Microsoft-IDA Singapore overseas development programme designed to give Singaporean developers better access to new Web Services technologies developed by Microsoft in the United States. This will involve the creation of a position at Microsoft's research facilities in Redmond, Washington, co-funded by Microsoft and IDA Singapore
  • The establishment of an emerging technologies exploration initiative to work with academia and industry. This is another vehicle used to bring the .NET environment closer to Singapore. This would enable researchers to investigate new programming approaches and then test them in Microsoft's real-world software development environment

NTUC Income Heralds Arrival of BigTrumpet.com.sg

More than a website, Big Trumpet will save people time and take the hassle out of daily tasks.

NTUC Income publicly launched its new web services initiative, BigTrumpet.com.sg, at Raffles City this evening, with Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong as the guest-of-honour.

More than a website, BigTrumpet is a community web services initiative designed to connect Singapore in an unprecedented manner online.

NTUC Income Chief Executive Tan Kin Lian said, "Our aim is to empower people to make their lives richer and more convenient. BigTrumpet ties in with our vision to provide a better life for the people of Singapore. The community portal provides a comprehensive range of services essential to people's daily lives."

The initial phase at BigTrumpet will feature these key components

  • MyCareer - allows users to advance their careers and participate in job enhancement training activities. Job matching services are available from Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and NTUC Income. Courses are available from Peoples' Association (PA).
  • MyClub - enables users to join and participate in the activities of special interest clubs.
    The services of BigTrumpet are available to the general public. Registration is easy, and can be done at the website. At the initial stage, most of the services are provided free of charge. 
  • MyFolder - provides secure access to financial, educational, medical and personal information.
  • MyHome - provides a range of domestic improvement services that includes locating tutors, hiring contractors and online shopping.
  • MyMoney - features insurance and financial planning services.
  • MyWorkplace - allows users to interact with work colleagues, access information and handle tasks at the workplaceMr Tan said, "This initial suite of services is focused on bringing more jobs, providing more opportunities for entrepreneurs and giving sound financial planning capabilities to all Singaporeans in the most convenient place possible."

NTUC Income is pleased to collaborate with its excellent technology partners - Hewlett-Packard (HP), National Computer Systems (NCS) and Trusted Hub.

HP will be providing the agile IT platforms and comprehensive management services for the BigTrumpet project. HP Singapore, Managing Director Dumas Chin said, "We are pleased to provide the IT infrastructure solutions to support BigTrumpet and contribute to the .NETMySingapore web services initiative."

NCS is the developer and designer of the web services for BigTrumpet. In addition to providing the innovative portal framework and smart engine, NCS integrated and deployed the web services for the participating organisations.

NCS' Chief Executive Officer Lee Kwok Cheong shared, "Our strength in systems design, development and integration enables premium e-services to be offered to the community through the .NETMySingapore programme. Together with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA Singapore), Microsoft and NTUC Income, we leverage on technology to make this vision a reality for our people."

Trusted Hub provides a highly secured and certified Electronic Trusted Vault for the creation, storage and management of electronic content for BigTrumpet.

Mr Bryan Wong, President of Trusted Hub said, "This initiative provides a powerful platform for Singaporeans to embrace the concept of Trusted Electronic Documents as legally recognized documents. With that, powerful initiatives that revolutionize our lifestyle can be spawned from the community net and at the same time reinforce Singapore as a 'Trusted Hub' to the world."

BigTrumpet aims to employ 5,000 business agents to promote services to business partners and end users, both local and overseas.

Mr Tan also expects to have a collaboration with key government agencies. This will bring many online government services to BigTrumpet, including applications and payments.

He stressed that this was just the beginning, as more services will be added that are in line with NTUC Income's philosophy of making online services easy and exciting. "At BigTrumpet, users will be able to hire a maid, organise a get together and finance a car purchase easily online. More importantly, users can choose to let their doctors have instant access to their medical records when they need them to. This is beyond making their lives easier, it could make a difference in saving their lives."

BigTrumpet lets individual users access their personal information online on any device, at any time and at a high level of security. Users also have control over what information others can see. For example, a user looking for a job can allow potential employers to see his or her career history, and nothing else.

BigTrumpet will leverage NTUC Income's existing online services and 1 million policyholders. Existing users of www.income.com.sg can log in to BigTrumpet using their current usernames, while new users can quickly register free for a new account. The insurer's website currently attracts 9 million hits a month with 7,000 daily visitors.

Mr Tan said that BigTrumpet is the first of its kind in Singapore, "We want to make the next big contribution to the Internet lifestyle. Singaporeans have already embraced e-commerce robustly. BigTrumpet will incorporate technology into our lifestyle."

BigTrumpet is expected to have 100,000 users by the end of 2002 and 300,000 users by the end of 2003.

First announced in April 2002 by IDA Singapore and Microsoft, .NETMySingapore is a collaborative project to develop XML web services in Singapore. The project also aims to tap into the potential of web services for opportunities to build new infocomm skills and knowledge as well as open new avenues of business.

.NETMySingapore consists of four distinct pillars: Community XML Web Services, Training, Overseas Development and Emerging Technologies Exploration.

BigTrumpet is NTUC Income's contribution to the Community XML web services pillar of .NETMySingapore


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