Palm Aligns With Leading Integrators Of Enterprise Handheld Computing Solutions In Singapore And Asia Pacific

Singapore, January 29, 2002

Palm, Systems Integrators Announce Strategic Initiative to Mobilise Mission-critical Data for Real-time Business.

Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) today announced a strategic initiative to offer integrated handheld computing solutions based on the Palm OS® platform to enterprises in key Asia Pacific markets including Singapore.

The initiative, named the Enterprise Alliance Programme (EAP), also is being announced in Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and reflects the commitment of 16 systems integrators across Asia Pacific. In conjunction with their existing systems-integration competencies, EAP participants will focus on handheld computing solutions based on the Palm OS platform.

Joining the EAP across Asia Pacific is PWC Consulting. This reflects the extension to the region of the existing global alliance agreement between the two organisations, and reinforces Palm's strategy to work on a global basis with the leading providers of enterprise handheld computing solutions.

"Globally, Palm has been successful in establishing relationships with leading providers of enterprise handheld computing solutions," said Craig Will, vice president, Asia Pacific, Palm, Inc. "Through the Enterprise Alliance Programme, we'll leverage these relationships in key Asia Pacific markets. We're also pleased to be announcing the involvement of strong in-country participants."

"What this means for enterprises in Singapore is access to best-of-breed technology for rapid and cost-effective deployment of Palm™ handheld computing solutions," Mr. Will explained.

EAP participants are expected to benefit from access to value-added opportunities from Palm, including training, market development and joint marketing initiatives. Interested enterprises can locate further information at

Regional Enterprise Alliance Programme Participants

The strength of Palm's relationship with PWC Consulting has been demonstrated through an award-winning deployment, Palm@Palm, which gives Palm employees real-time remote access to corporate email, group and personal calendars, the Internet, and enterprise applications such as sales and distribution and data warehousing. Through the EAP, PWC Consulting will help companies in Asia Pacific integrate their existing enterprise systems with mobile capabilities. The resulting solutions will enable enterprise to derive benefit by mobilising knowledge resident in enterprise applications, including Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Business-to-Enterprise (B2E). Enterprise Alliance Programme Participants in Singapore IBM provides solutions for the mobile computing needs of enterprise customers across every industry. In Asia Pacific, IBM Global Services will extend its collaboration with Palm to enhance consulting and systems integration competencies and develop business applications for Palm OS platform devices and related OS based data services. The technology to deliver these solutions is based on IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Suite, which allows wireless devices to connect to the web. In addition, IBM's DB2 Everyplace database, WebSphere MQ products, VisualAge MicroEdition Java technology and Tivoli Device Manager are fully enabled to support the Palm OS platform.

Palm and IBM will offer products and services to help enterprises extend critical information and business applications for the Mobile Internet, reaching employees, customers and suppliers, virtually anywhere, at any time. The solutions will provide companies with the flexibility and convenience to complete a variety of essential tasks, including logging on to corporate intranets, referencing databases for information, reading and sending e-mail, updating calendar information, accessing automated sales tools and entering orders.

KPMG Consulting's industry-focused, end-to-end solutions, emerging from world-class resources, help clients maintain their competitive advantage. KPMG's Web and Wireless Enterprise Solutions (WWES) is a strategic unit of KPMG Consulting. As a partner of Oracle Corporation, WWES, together with Palm, aims to provide web and wireless business solutions that enable clients to successfully capitalise on opportunities.

National Computer Systems (NCS), a leading IT service provider in the Asia Pacific region, will work with Palm to deliver mobile capabilities that enable companies to reach out to their customers, suppliers and staff in new ways. The company's competencies include business consulting, systems integration and development, infrastructure integration and outsourcing.

Singapore Computer Systems (SCS) is a premier information and communications technology service provider in the Asia-Pacific region. In the area of mobile computing SCS, together with Palm, has the capability to help businesses increase their accessibility by integrating various application solutions with leading-edge mobile technologies.

Enterprise Solutions

Systems integrators joining the EAP will seek to address the specific needs of vertical industry segments, and together with solution providers also will make available broad-based enterprise handheld computing technology. In turn, Palm will work alongside EAP participants to assess and meet the needs of enterprises in Singapore.

"Enterprise handheld computing solutions, ranging from wireless email to mobile e-business, can help companies mobilise mission-critical data for reduced operational cost, increased employee productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Companies in Singapore will be in a position to specify an end-to-end solution that meets their unique needs," Mr. Will stated.

Elements of such a solution may include customer relationship management, supply-chain management, enterprise portals, and other "behind-the-firewall" applications. Enterprise end users can benefit from rapid access to mission-critical data, such as sales reports, warehouse inventory, maintenance records and inbound customer email.

Enterprise Leadership

Today's announcement capitalises on Palm's continued worldwide leadership in the enterprise handheld computing segment. Forward-looking enterprises in Asia Pacific, including Singapore Mint, Unilever, Pharmvision, Creative Field Marketing, ING Antai Insurance, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department and Jurong Shipyard, already are realising the benefits of handheld computing solutions based on the Palm OS platform.

A recent survey* of Fortune 1000 companies found that a majority of the 585 companies that responded selected the Palm OS platform as a handheld platform of choice for their standards lists -- 85 percent of the respondents with a handheld standard have selected the Palm OS platform for their standards list; 70 percent of the respondents with a handheld standard selected Palm branded devices as their corporate standard; and 57 percent of the respondents with a handheld standard identified Palm OS platform devices as their exclusive handheld computer standard.

Palm today also announced in Singapore an Enterprise Hardware Service Programme, intended to make it easier and more cost-effective for enterprises to deploy and support Palm handhelds.

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