NCS To Partner With Speedera Networks To Ensure Peak Web Performance

Singapore, January 24, 2002

Leading Information Technology (IT) service provider National Computer Systems Pte Ltd announced today that it will partner with Speedera Networks Inc, a leading global content delivery services provider, to provide NCS' customers with services to enhance web site performance and availability. This partnership is part of the continued efforts of NCS to widen its range of services to its customers.

NCS will work with Speedera to provide customers with services that eliminate delivery issues, such as web site outages and poor performance, associated with present day Internet applications and content. Speedera's key advantage lies in its deployment of a global edge delivery network in more than 25 countries worldwide - with connectivity to over 1000 carrier backbone networks. Speedera's network is one of the two largest Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in the world, and is ranked by third party tests as the fastest. This network enables the swift delivery of content for customers, improving the performance, reliability, security, availability and scalability of their websites while reducing costs at the same time. This allows customers to concentrate on their core business and the creation of rich, compelling web content, rather than on building and managing costly IT infrastructure. Importantly, customers will be able to leverage on Speedera's web performance and delivery services to gain an edge in the competitive, knowledge-based economy.

Customers can sign up for the service itself or bundle it together with other services that they are outsourcing to NCS. Such an option gives them the convenience of signing up for the service without having to migrate from current IT vendors. Some of the available Speedera services are:

  • Global Content Delivery - moves content from origin sites to caching servers much closer to users. This "whole site" delivery model ensures optimal performance and scalability.


  • On-Demand Streaming - delivers high quality streaming by pre-populating streaming clips closer to users.


  • Secure Streaming - helps streaming media content providers to protect media content against theft and copyright violations.


  • Site Analyzer - tracks the performance and availability of websites round-the-clock, detecting and trouble shooting the causes of errors and failures. Performance and error reports are generated to help identify and help resolve site problems. Customers also receive proactive notifications of problems with detailed instructions on how to fix them.


  • Download Service - leverages on Speedera's global network to store and deliver downloadable digital goods including software, games, video and music files. A complete set of logs is compiled to help analysis of product popularity.


  • Traffic Balancer - routes client requests to the fastest available customer website (for distributed sites), immediately bypassing overloaded or failed sites to overcome network congestion and site outages.


  • Failover Service - monitors single-location websites and re-directs traffic to Speedera web-servers in the event of failure, ensuring that site-visitors will always find the site up. This is a more economical alternative to the mirrored site method for providing high availability.

Says Mr Lau Soon Liang, Assistant Chief Executive of NCS, "As the region's leading IT service provider, NCS believes in working with choice partners to provide our customers with best-of-breed services and solutions. Speedera, with their customer-centric adaptability, is a partner who shares our vision of meeting the IT needs of our customers."

Adds Mr Abhay Dubey, Speedera's Vice President of International Sales, "NCS clearly understands how to work with Speedera to provide outsourced website services second to none. As businesses recognise the importance of focusing on their core competence - not on building website infrastructure - the compelling cost and functionality advantages that NCS and Speedera services bring will provide dramatic added value to these customers".

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