NCS Hong Kong showcases Healthcare Solutions

Singapore & Hong Kong, September 14, 2006

NCS Group, a leading regional information technology and communications engineering service provider in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions is aiming to enhance the quality of healthcare in Hong Kong via its IT solutions.  NCS is showcasing its portfolio of proven healthcare solutions at the eHealth Forum 2006. The forum is held in Hong Kong Academy of Medicine from 15 to 16 September 2006.   

As a corporate citizen, employer and solution provider, NCS Hong Kong is committed to supporting the development and use of Hong Kong’s healthcare IT network. 

With its proven track record of collaborating with both public and private sector healthcare organisations across the Asia region, NCS is keen to assist healthcare providers in Hong Kong to enhance service delivery standards via the strategic use of IT.  NCS Group believes that it can help Hong Kong’s Healthcare Industry to become more effective; and NCS Hong Kong also sees the Healthcare Industry in Hong Kong as a base for entry into the vast China’s Healthcare market.

Drawing on its more than 25 years of domain experience and unique delivery capabilities, NCS has already played roles in the design and implementation of innovative health systems for Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

NCS Hong Kong implemented the Public Health Information System for the Hong Kong’s Department of Health. This system, linking health departments and agencies, addressed the gaps in the collation, sharing and management of public health information in Hong Kong. 

NCS leveraged on IT to integrate disparate hospital systems to facilitate information sharing to enhance patient care and public health management in China. The Kidney Transplant Management System, the first-of-its-kind technology in China, allowed hospitals across the eastern and northern coastal cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Jinan to consolidate and share information on the progress of patients following their kidney transplant operations, thereby maximising standards of post-operative care for kidney transplant patients.

In Singapore, NCS implemented patient centric services such as the Electronic Medical Records Exchange (EMRX). EMRX was implemented for Singapore’s Ministry of Health. It aims to transform public healthcare into a more integrated service through the controlled exchange of essential patient medical information. It enables the sharing of electronic medical records across all public hospitals and polyclinics in Singapore. EMRX can be extended to those in private practices and other health departments.

NCS has also implemented the first secure enterprise-class secured Outpatient Management System. This system has been implemented across all hospitals, specialist centres and polyclinics in SingHealth. It is also the first cluster system that has fully integrated polyclinics with tertiary care providers, to provide a better continuum of care between specialist care within hospitals and primary care givers.

In the area of public health crisis management, NCS has implemented crisis management system that covers contact tracing, health checking, national referencing and case reporting. NCS also introduced the biosafety management system which provides a one-stop informational and transactional website on bio-safety issues.

“Information management is crucial in healthcare especially when it comes to managing public health issues such as epidemics. Healthcare professionals need correct and timely information to make informed decisions about their patients. Solutions we can implement range from public health to administration and clinical-related connect hospitals and healthcare professionals, enabling them to work closer together such as sharing critical information on patients and public health issues,” said Mr Chan Kah Choon, General Manager, Healthcare.

 “NCS has implemented major healthcare projects in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, leading to increased operational efficiency, communications effectiveness and enhanced service level for the organisations concerned. With our extensive healthcare business domain knowledge and solid technological know-how gained from across industries and geographies, we can further help to enhance the quality of healthcare services in Hong Kong through innovative and fresh IT applications, enabling patient-centric services across the continuum of care,” stated Mr Wilfred Tan, General Manager, NCS Hong Kong.

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