NCS Group showcases new defence solutions

Singapore, September 11, 2006

NCS Group’s subsidiary, NCS Communications Engineering, has announced today that together with its partners, it will be showcasing new defence solutions at the Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Asia Conference 2006 from 12 to 14 September 2006 at Raffles the Plaza in Singapore.

The NCW Asia Conference 2006 engages the military community throughout the Asia Pacific Region by presenting latest developments in C4ISR (acronym for Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and Network Centric Warfare.  In addition, it also enables leading military leaders from around the world to share their experiences, implementation strategies and unravel the challenges to networked-ready forces.

At NCW Asia Conference 2006, NCS Communications Engineering and its partner, General Dynamics Canada will be showcasing EPICNet, an evolutionary networking solution that will address network centric warfare in the tactical battlespace.  This policy-managed Dynamic Routing for Tactical Network is a research and development initiative between General Dynamics Canada and Cisco Systems.  It is the first public showing of this new product concept.

In addition, NCS Communications Engineering and its other partner, DigitalWorx will also be displaying the Advanced Integrated Situational Awareness (AISA) which integrates real-time video and other information stream from multiple sensor platforms onto a 3-D mapping system to provide coherent battlefield situational awareness, thereby providing the military commanders real time and updated force location, status, battlefield geometrics and deployable resource. With AISA, commanders will be able to make decisive decisions and dominate the battle space.

“The NCW is a good platform for us to showcase our solutions in C4ISR.  We have been working closely with our strategic partners to provide our defence customers in the region C4ISR solutions using new enabling technologies. The AISA is one example of partnership in developing and delivering of superior value in the simulation and niche technology area,” said Lim Yew Seng, CEO of NCS Communications Engineering.

“War operations are always fraught with high pressure, constant change and an ongoing need for timely, precise information day and night.  Commanders need a system that provides them a bird’s eye view of the region of interest, thereby enabling them to manage the situation and make swift decisions that will make a difference to winning or losing the battle. The AISA collates multiple live feeds from multiple sources and integrates them into a common 3D environment so that a commander’s knowledge and understanding of the battlespace is updated real time, which in turn allows him precisely and decisively command and dominate the battlespace,” he stated.

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