NCS Group awarded Integrated Security System project for Changi Prison Cluster B

Singapore, May 9, 2006

NCS Group, a leading regional IT and communications engineering services provider, has been awarded with a contract of approximately S$20 million to design, develop, commission and maintain a fully Integrated Security System (ISS) for Cluster B of the new Changi Prison.

The ISS system comprises of state-of-the-art convergent technology for all the sub-systems to interoperate efficiently on a Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol platform.  The key benefit is that a single workstation can control and monitor all end devices via a “web based” architecture.  A further benefit of using an open platform is that no proprietary software or extra plug-ins is required to relish the full features of the Security Management System. 

Conventional Stand-Alone Sub-systems which have been integrated into ISS include:

- Biometrics;
- Access Control;
- Door Control and Monitoring ;
- Intrusion Detection;
- Perimeter Protection and Fence Disturbance Detection;
- Contraband Detection (Baggage Screening, Walk Through Detectors);
- Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Digital Video Recording;
- Internet Protocol Telephony and Intercommunication;
- Digital Public Address System;
- Undercarriage Vehicle Surveillance System; and
- Integration to Prison Management System. 

The ISS offers the following benefits which are in line with the operational requirements of Cluster B:

- Visual and Audio representation of alerts & alarms with priority escalation;
- Control & security monitoring the fingertips of Prison Officers;
- Individual sub-systems to cater for different operational and security requirements;
- Versatile system configuration to complement an array of different and daily security operations;
- User-friendly integrated security management via the consoles; and
- Alarms and Automatic Reactions with embedded security operational procedures to ensure that work and processes are carried out right every time.

Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Chief Executive Officer, NCS Group said, “NCS has the ability to offer cutting-edge technology for security systems, by integrating information technology (IT), communications and engineering capabilities to satisfy the most stringent demands placed on physical security systems within Singapore Prison Service.  NCS has established a long history of successful projects with Ministry of Home Affairs.  We are honoured to provide this system to Changi Prison.  With many years of experience in providing security solutions, we are confident and expect to provide a leading-edge outcome for Changi Prison.”

Cluster B is part of the on-going redevelopment project at Changi Prison undertaken to realise the Singapore Prison Service’s long term goal of centralising all prison institutions and the Service’s vision of becoming true ‘Captains of Lives”.  More importantly, the new purpose-built Changi Prison will enable the Singapore Prison Service to deploy officers more effectively to ensure greater efficiency in the management of inmates, so as to provide more of the latest rehabilitation programmes to help inmates rehab, renew and restart their lives. 

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