JTC Awards Biopolis Infocomm Technology Contract To NCS Led Consortium

Singapore, May 7, 2003

JTC Corporation today announced the award of the Biopolis InfoComm Technology (ICT) contract to a consortium led by the National Computer Systems Pte Ltd (NCS). NCS, with Hewlett Packard (HP) as a strategic technology partner and leading a consortium of best in class technology providers, will integrate proven, leading-edge technologies and offer a first of its kind 'ICT-Utility-on-Tap' to tenants of Biopolis, the first major development in one-north.

'ICT-Utility-on-Tap' is a new and innovative service-on-demand, pay-as-you-use model that will help tenants save cost and time as well as provide them with convenience and access to the latest technologies. Tenants of Biopolis will no longer have to fork out hefty capital expenditure investments up-front. They will also enjoy quicker set up time, as ICT utility will be ready 'on tap', and enjoy the convenience of not having to liaise with various ICT service providers for telecommunications services, IT connectivity, IT security and other utility services. At the same time, they will have ready access to future advances in technologies such as broadband wireless and mobile systems, high service availability and reliability, as well as specialised technical resources. All these will enable tenants to focus on their core business.

Under this new arrangement, tenants can pick and choose the ICT services that they would like to be installed on their premises via a web-based service portal that will be available round-the-clock. The core services that will be rolled out in the first phase can be broadly classified under office connectivity, managed IT services, data centre hosting, business continuity and equipment leasing.

NCS, as the ICT systems integrator and solutions provider, will integrate leading edge technologies and solutions provided by best-of-breed technology partners to provide end-to-end ICT services for Biopolis tenants. Its consortium partners include Hewlett Packard (HP), Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, Microsoft and SingTel. HP will provide core capabilities for desktop services, SingTel offers broadband internet access and worldwide connectivity, Computer Associates brings to the table its service portal technology, Microsoft its messaging solutions and Cisco Systems its networking and security solutions.

Said JTC's CEO Chong Lit Cheong, "one-north is all about experimenting with new ideas. We challenge ourselves and all parties involved to think out of the box so that new innovations and industry benchmarks can be set. Today's award is a case in point. The 'ICT-Utility-on-Tap' concept is a first where the partnership between a property developer and ICT service providers offers 'full-service ready' office space to tenants at Biopolis. Of course, at the end of the day, tenants in our new generation facility will benefit. 'ICT-Utility-on-Tap' will bring about cost and time savings as well as provide convenience and the latest technologies."

Excited by this challenging project, Mr Lee Kwok Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of National Computer Systems Pte Ltd said, "I am pleased that NCS has been chosen after a very competitive process to develop the ICT backbone and state-of-art virtual connectivity in Biopolis. We will integrate and tap on technologies and solutions in concert with our best-in-class technology partners to deliver the first 'ICT-Utility-on-Tap' in Singapore. Tenants can rely on NCS to enhance the infrastructure to keep pace with advancements in technologies and to meet their growing ICT needs in a buzzing Biopolis hotbed."

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