World@Home To Introduce Integrated Smart Services To Serviced Residence At The Ascott Singapore

Singapore, January 24, 2003

World@Home will bring a lifestyle enhanced by mobile technology and infotainment to the guests of The Ascott Singapore in June 2003. World@Home is a consortium that has been awarded the Connected Homes Programme Call for Collaboration (CFC) by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. Led by National Computer Systems Pte Ltd (NCS), the other members of this consortium are The Ascott Group, MediaCorp Technologies, NCS Communications Engineering, Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) and Samsung Electronics.

The Ascott Singapore’s guests will enjoy the convenience and flexibility offered by World@Home. These includes remote home monitoring and surveillance via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and video streaming, integrated control of home appliances via Short Message Service (SMS), video conferencing within the serviced residence, T-commerce and Interactive Television (ITV).

In total, The Ascott Singapore’s guests can benefit from the following five features made possible by World@Home’s mobile technology and infotainment:

With Wireless Local Area Network put in place in The Ascott Singapore, the guests can access the Internet or Intranet wherever they are, without any need for a network socket. 
Safety & Security@Home
This feature allows the monitoring of activities through Web cameras located at various locations of the home and facilities. For example, parents can monitor their children’s safety when they are at the playground without leaving home. Guests can also be informed through MMS via their mobile phones when they have visitors.  
The guests can look forward to interacting face-to-face without leaving home through the video conferencing service. The video conferencing capability is enabled within The Ascott Singapore’s Serviced Residence, and in future this could be extended to other guests located in The Ascott Group’s various residences.  
With infotainment brought to the guests, they can experience online TV Shopping, and interactive TV programmes and information. World@Home will offer interactive TV services on the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), for the first time in Singapore. Guests will be able to receive digital TV signals, as well as to interact with TV programmes to access information like news and weather on demand. T-commerce purchases are also made possible using Credit Card, CashCard®, and eNETS VCard.  
The integrated home control solution will allow the users to control their air conditioner and digital video recorder through the mobile phones. Guests can send an SMS to switch on their air conditioner just before they reach home, or activate their digital video recorders for their favourite TV programmes. Each apartment in The Ascott Singapore has the control over the home appliances via the power line or infrared sensors.
Mr. Ng See Sing, General Manager of NCS, said: “Our consortium envisions a lifestyle where people can stay connected, productive and entertained. We believe that mobile technology can add a new perspective to the busy lifestyle of people. As a technology provider and systems integrator, NCS will bring together the technical know-how and capabilities of our consortium members to provide greater value for the Smart Serviced Residence. By integrating emerging mobile technology with Smarthome appliances and infotainment services, the World@Home consortium hopes to create an integrated solution that brings the ‘world to your home, and your home to you anywhere, anytime’.”

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