One Team Outlines Plans to Deliver New Standards for the Singapore Public Service Standard ICT Operating Environment

Singapore, March 7, 2007

The One Team Consortium, led by NCS Group with IBM Singapore (NYSE: IBM) as its exclusive services partner, today reiterated its commitment to delivering new standards in its bid for the Singapore Public Service Standard ICT Operating Environment (SOE).

The goal of One Team infrastructure and outsourcing solutions proposal for the SOE project is to provide the highest value and lowest risk to the Singapore Public Service.

One Team SOE delivery approach aims to fully equip public service officers with the infrastructure, tools, technologies and capabilities to nurture their role as Information Workers of the Future.

One Team has aligned its approach with Singapore's iN2015 masterplan and has detailed those areas key to ensuring that the Singapore public service embraces “ecosystem thinking is equipped to perform high value-added activities; can tap local and global opportunities; and will be able to turn innovative ideas into solutions.

Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Chief Executive Officer of NCS Group, said, “One Team is committed to delivering a comprehensive solution for SOE.  Our immediate goal is deliver cost savings, productivity gains via process improvement, and secure standardisation of IT services infrastructure.  In the medium term, our vision for SOE is to help public service officers, government agencies and end users achieve a sustainable differentiation in service level.  To do this, One Team has planned to deliver new standards of roll-out excellence in several key areas.”

Teresa Lim, Managing Director of IBM Singapore, said, “One Team’s proven skills in relationship alignment and governance systems will provide Singapore with a compelling point of differentiation in managing change and transition for the public service.  Good governance significantly increases the chances of achieving the defined business goals by helping organisations and employees manage the complexities of transition while focusing on the outsourcing objectives and key success metrics.

More importantly, good governance can strengthen trust and motivate collaborative innovation between clients and outsourcers, which leads to long-term value creation and growth.

One Team Focus

Aligned with the outsourcing specifications, One Team priority is to achieve standardisation of the IT services infrastructure for the desktop, messaging and network environments across 70 government agencies and more than 65,000 public service users, and deliver significant cost savings across the life cycle of the eight-year SOE contract.

One Team will deliver new standards for the SOE project, specifically in the areas of:

  • Empowering public service officers through transformational innovation
  • Integrating Government through seamless standardisation and service-wide collaboration
  • Equipping public service officers to become the Information Worker of the Future
  • Enhancing Singapore’s competitiveness and positioning Singapore to become an innovation hub

Delivering the Highest Business Value and Lowest Risk for SOE

One Team has strong integrated capabilities to deliver SOE with the highest business value and lowest risk.

Active Partnering

NCS and IBM share more than 80 years of rich history and have successfully partnered to support clients from diverse industries such as the public service, healthcare, telecommunications and utilities, financial services and insurance and manufacturing and logistics, in Singapore and beyond.  Besides the SOE collaboration, NCS and IBM have successfully worked together on many outsourcing projects for the Singapore Government.  These include the Government Email Services contract, the Singapore Customs’ eCustoms Project and the Land Transport Authority’s Vehicle Registration and Licensing System.

Intimate Domain Knowledge of Singapore Public Service

One Team is already one of the largest providers of desktop services, messaging services and network services to the Singapore Government. According to the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), NCS and IBM were the Singapore Government’s top IT services providers for FY2005. In the December 2006 report by Gartner Dataquest, Dataquest Insight: IT Services in Singapore, 2005-2006, NCS and IBM were ranked the top two IT services providers for Singapore in 2005, with a combined 26.9% share of the Singapore market.  NCS topped the list with a 13.5% share. Both companies also topped the list of IT services providers in Singapore for the past three years, according to Gartner.


Deep Global and Regional Experience in Large Scale Outsourcing Projects

One Team is committed to extend to SOE clients its combined intellectual capital, global and regional capabilities, and experience of working with government agencies and clients of all sizes across more than 170 countries.

IBM was ranked Number One in 2005 by Gartner in its Dataquest Alert: IT Services Market Share Final Rankings, Worldwide, 2005 report published in September 2006. As well, IBM was ranked Number One in IDC Top 100 Worldwide Outsourcing Deals of 2005 (IDC #203144, September 2006).


One Team will lead the formation of an Innovation Council to facilitate sharing of global government insights; access to research capabilities; enable the evaluation and rapid introduction and adoption of new technologies; and support the public service in transforming its policy making, delivery channels and core infrastructure.

Proven Methodologies and Governance in Managing Change and Transformation

To create and derive exceptional business value from SOE and to facilitate the transformation to a standardised environment, One Team will anchor its SOE deployment on its rigorous relationship alignment and governance system, as well as NCS’ patented BizvalTM methodology.

One Team’s proven relationship alignment and governance systems provide compelling differentiation in the management of change for the Singapore public service.  Governance is important because it ultimately leads to value creation and reduced cost of coordination for all parties.

The One Team governance system will clearly articulate decision making and execute roles and responsibilities; provide a framework for sharing information and aligning business objectives; provide a forum for addressing concerns/issues early and jointly; and facilitate strong working relationships.


ABB Client Case Study

In 2003, ABB and IBM entered into a 10-year outsourcing agreement valued at US$1.75 billion.  The scope of the IT services infrastructure outsourcing deal covers desktop, helpdesk, corporate network, local area network and servers for about 70,000 users. The companies signed a global services agreement and 16 country contracts.

Alessandro Ferioli, Group Vice President and Head of Group IS Contract Management, ABB Information Systems Ltd, said, IBM delivered an outsourcing solution which enabled ABB to achieve nearly 20% cost savings against our overall budgeted costs, and successfully standardised the IT infrastructure and operations of the infrastructure services. In addition, IBM demonstrated the capability to actively work on the relationship alignment and co-operation with multiple teams so as to work out a solution in a very short period of time. IBM took less than six months to progress from the development of the business case to contract signing and the activation of the transition phase.

Enabling Long-Term Value Creation

In line with One Team long-term vision to enable and nurture the Information Worker of the Future, One Team is committed to continually deliver new standards in collaboration, innovation, mobility and security.Collaboration with the IT Ecosystem

One Team is committed to partnering small and medium enterprise (SME) IT companies from across the IT services value chain to enable the SOE infrastructure.  Besides the creation of business opportunities, SMEs can benefit from One Team’s wealth of expertise and experience.  For strong local players, the SOE will serve as an ideal platform for partnership, allowing them to play a role in defining the infocomm landscape for Singapore.

Ong Peng Tsin, Founder and Executive Chairman of Encentuate, said: “Encentuate is pleased to partner One Team in delivering the SOE infrastructure.  One Team’s ecosystem approach to delivering SOE will push SME IT companies towards integrating their technical and business capabilities so as to address big picture business needs.  SME IT companies are in a great position to become One Team’s solutions providers and business partners – evolving from their current roles as product sellers or sub-contractors.”

Ong added, “One Team’s vision of SOE could also spur greater collaboration among the SMEs.  Therefore, One Team’s SOE has the potential to bring together an integrated SME community and provide a springboard for Singapore to become an innovation hub.”

One Team is also partnering Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to develop training programmes to help the existing and future workforce embrace ecosystem thinking, perform high value-added activities, tap local and global opportunities, and develop and harvest innovative ideas into solutions.  One Team defines these as important attributes for the Information Worker of the Future.


Fact Sheet

Analysts’ Quote and Comments on SOE

Dane Anderson, CEO and EVP of Research, Springboard Research

“I believe the One Team proposition is very strong due to its thorough knowledge of the Singaporean public service, the proven capability of NCS and IBM to collaborate on high profile projects and the robust infrastructure the team has in place to support the largest and most complex of transformations.  In addition, the team’s focus on innovation and the global expertise it can bring to bear will ensure a solution that is modern and continuously seeking improvement.”

Raju Chellam, Vice President (Asia-Pacific), Access Markets International (AMI) Partners Pte Ltd
The SOE project will greatly benefit the bulk of Singapore’s 120,000 SMEs in the following manner:

• 98% of SMEs in Singapore employ less than 100 staff.  Any technology direction, groundwork or standards that the Government lays out, which these SMEs can incorporate into their processes will raise the overall efficiency of SMEs.  This will make them competitive against their counterparts in other countries.

• Up to 96% of Singapore SMEs have access to the Internet, but less than a third of them have adequate online security measures in place.  The SOE will prod these SMEs to beef up their security infrastructure enormously; otherwise, they may be unable to compete for government orders or even do business online.

• Only 12% of small businesses with less than 100 employees in Singapore have full-time staff dedicated to technology management.  About 25% have no one looking after IT.  SOE will offer them specific standards to comply with, thus removing the need to deploy more high-cost IT management personnel.
• It is possible that SMEs will get 15% to 25% of the sub-contracts from the SOE tender.  This will help many of the SMEs grow faster than they otherwise would, as well as help them work with some of the latest technologies and processes that the prime contractor specifies.

• The SOE comes right at the time when the two mega Integrated Resort (IR) projects begin, and as the economy is ready to take off.  The cumulative effect will help Singapore’s economy see annual growth rates of over 9% for the next two to three years as these three mega projects (the two IRs and the SOE) begin their bull run.

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