NCS Launches Integrated Investigation Management System i-sc@n

Singapore, January 11, 2001

Leading e-enabler and IT solutions provider National Computer Systems Pte Ltd (NCS) launches today its latest product, i-sc@n, an advanced investigation management system built with the aim of bringing significant benefits to users at all levels of the investigative community.

NCS has a strong track record in developing and implementing Investigation Management Solutions for various law enforcement agencies in the justice and security market. An integrated set of software application modules, i-sc@n marries best investigation practices with modern IT capabilities to enhance the productivity of investigators, streamline operational activities and increase the efficiencies of investigative supervision and management.

Developed using Java technology, i-scan has an intuitive interface that can be deployed on any laptop or desktop that has an Internet browser. Users have high acquaintance of such an operational environment, thus reducing the need for extensive training. Such technology also minimises administration effort by allowing central management of the system without the need to invest manpower resources to do so at individual sites. Moreover, the migration tools of i-sc@n support easy migration from existing systems. Encryption of data transmitted ensures that i-sc@n performs within a secured environment. The role-based system whereby different users are assigned different roles with different access levels makes sensitive data accessible to only limited key personnel.

i-sc@n supports the end-to-end process of an investigation, from operational control, case creation, on-going case management and update of investigation details, to case closure. Some of the key features of i-sc@n are Document Management incorporating Automated Workflow, Intelligent Search and Digital Imaging. With the Document Management module, all information relating to the various investigation cases can be created and managed electronically, eliminating the need for filing, tracking and transporting bulky, paper-based files. Various investigators can also conduct investigations concurrently, since the case-related documents can be shared electronically and made available to authorised investigators in a secured environment. Built-in as well as customised templates can enhance the productivity of investigators in the creation of documents, such as witness reports.

With the improved investigation workflow, referral of cases between investigators and supervision of the whole investigation process becomes more efficient. More features being developed include Mobile Support, Multi-lingual Support and Analysis Support. NCS also plans to work with partners on the Biometrics module, which will allow for fingerprint and facial recognition.

Adopting the Object Oriented Design principle, which promotes reusability and flexibility of systems, the modular, component-based nature of i-sc@n also allows for flexible customisation to meet with the specific requirements of users. i-s@n also adopts the J2EE open standards for implementing and deploying Enterprise Application, leveraging on Application Server clustering features to support high availability and load balancing. Providing an integrated suite of software components, i-sc@n serves specific functions within an investigative environment, with the simultaneous ability to seamlessly integrate with other components. This enables organisations to start with limited functionality and gradually enhance the system to meet their future operational needs.

Says Ms Tham Ai Chyn, Assistant Chief Executive of NCS, "There is a constant need to improve and upgrade case management systems to incorporate new business requirements and technologies. Law enforcement agencies are no exception. As the nature of crime in this digital age becomes more complex, NCS, with its recognised expertise, hopes to be able to help these agencies in their combat by helping them increase their efficiency and productivity with the use of IT.”

It is also hoped that with i-sc@n, law enforcement agencies will become part of a knowledge-sharing community, to share best practices in investigation processes. In time to come, this will lead to the general advancement of the investigation community in Singapore and the region.

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