The 3 new lenses to view Digitalisation in the Post-COVID-19 world

Even before we are through it, every organisation needs to be thinking and planning for the post-COVID-19 world - a world where we can get past the pandemic and rebuild in the new normal.

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is turning out to be the biggest driver of change for digitalisation. In NCS, as we serve major government agencies and large organisations across our communities in Singapore, Greater China and Australia, we believe the question leaders need to address is no longer whether digitalisation is here to stay, but rather what, where and how to drive digitalisation in their organisation.

We would like to suggest all leaders to look at the challenges they have been facing and the opportunities that have been presented to them through the lenses of Freedom, Security and Touch. In turn, these 3 lenses can shed light upon the areas to focus such that leaders can lead their organisations to not just reboot, but thrive beyond COVID-19. Download and read more about our point of view on digitalisation in the post-COVID-19 world.