Tan Chien Mien

Chien Mien leads the Communications Engineering business in NCS. She works with the Engineering team to deliver business value by helping clients to become world-class and unleashing the power within her team. The Engineering team provides and delivers mission critical solutions in Communications, Video, IoT and Command & Control.

Chien Mien’s experience spans over 28 years in the ICT industry across the Asia Pacific region. Throughout her career, she has taken on leadership roles in NCS to establish delivery excellence of differentiated solutions in the communications engineering space. She started her career as an engineer in the Aviation industry and  expanded her role to serve and support different government agencies and enterprises in the commercial sector.  

Chien Mien enjoys working alongside her team to break down complex issues into simpler solutions. She believes that the most effective way to solve a problem is to find a systematic approach by drawing on each individual’s abilities to create an efficient and cohesive working environment for her colleagues. Apart from her busy schedule, she adopts a healthy lifestyle and values the time spent with her family in exercises and traveling.