Analytics & AI

We help enterprises to enhance operational efficiencies and achieve better business outcomes through the effective use of data analytics and AI.

Unearthing the full potential of data

Our data analytics solutions provide you with enhanced insights into business performance across your organisation, enabling you to respond more effectively to the dynamics of your business environment.

We develop analytics applications, carry out data modelling and data warehouse design, and build reports and interactive dashboards to enhance enterprise-wide visibility. We will work with you to resolve big data challenges and apply advanced analytics to do forecasting, text analytics, process optimisation and complex event processing.

We also bring together cross-disciplinary expertise and apply data mining and machine learning techniques to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that can pave the way for greater automation and process transformation.

Adopting a customer-centric approach allows us to meet the end-to-end Data & Analytics needs of our customers

Analytics Services

NCS delivers data analytics solutions that provide enterprise-wide visibility of business performance and actionable insights. These solutions include Data Management, Data Visualization & Data Discovery, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics.

We have successfully deployed more than 75 Business Analytics (BI/ Data warehousing) projects, covering Data Science/ Advanced Analytics and Big Data platform implementations.

Our team of more than 60 BI consultants have expertise in business analytics applications, data modelling, data warehouse design, analytics implementation, reporting, and dashboarding.

We also offer support for BI products and tools from other technology providers.

  • MicroStrategy
  • Microsoft BI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
  • Oracle (OBIEE)
  • Informatica
  • Tableau Software
  • Qlik
  • Hadoop systems such as Cloudera, IBM Big Insights, Pivotal HD

NCS has more than 30 data scientists, trained to utilise advanced analytics tools from IBM, SAS, Microsoft and Pivotal.

Solutions & Services

Business Intelligence (BI) & Business Analytics

  • Data collection from multiple data sources through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) constructs
  • Designing data warehouse to support BI Implementation Blueprint
  • Management reporting through reports and interactive dashboards

Big Data

  • Effectively resolve data volume, velocity, and variety challenges
  • Effortlessly incorporate external data sources for analysis

Advanced Data Analytics

  • Data Mining (e.g. Anomaly Detection, Predictive Analytics, Clustering, and Association and Sequence Analysis)
  • Forecasting (including Time Series Methods)
  • Text Analytics (including Social Media Analytics)
  • Optimization (specifically, Operations Research such as Discrete Event Simulation)
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) - Real-time Analytics

Analytics and AI

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