Application Modernisation

NCS works with enterprises to modernise applications for rapid transformation, performance and scale

Effective application modernisation

Rapid changes to the technological and competitive landscape require enterprises to rethink and refocus on how the role of technology can deliver value. Working with outdated applications and infrastructure increases the difficulty of integrating today's new breed of technology. Innovation is reduced and organisations are unable to harness technology's full potential. 

App modernisation helps enterprises to survive disruption and thrive in the digital economy.

With app modernisation services, NCS provides a methodical and comprehensive application modernisation strategy. We help enterprises identify the strategies to optimise system performance and return on investment. New business value is created from existing applications, optimising cost, and preventing technology obsolescence. With an application modernisation strategy, enterprises will have greater agility to respond to changing market forces and capitalise on opportunities to become market leaders. 

Designing an application modernisation roadmap 

Today, most enterprises are concerned with cloud migration to optimise CAPEX and reduce technical debt. In progressive waves, we anticipate cloud optimised application and the development of applications on a cloud-native environment which utilises serverless architecture. To find out more about designing your application modernisation roadmap, contact our thought leaders and they will provide you with industry insights.

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