Enterprise Resource Planning

NCS implements a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help organisations streamline processing of business data

Empower your business with ERP

ERP system allows organisations to be more efficient through streamlined processing of business data and cross function integration. ERP system integrates the various business functions – operations, marketing, finance into a seamless suite of business applications. It allows organisations to benchmark their processes against global best practices and standardise their operations and procedures across different entities while in full compliance to the local rules and regulations.

Strategy and advisory services to design ERP roadmap

NCS ERP consulting team works with organisations to define their respective ERP roadmap and transformation strategy. In addition to the typical Greenfield (new implementation) or Brownfield (migration from existing ERP version) implementation, organisations can also pursue a bimodal IT strategy. A bimodal strategy allows organisation to innovate faster, while at the same time retaining the stability of the existing systems. Irrespective of the approach chosen by organisations, the NCS ERP consulting team is equipped to provide the full range of services to ensure that their respective digital transformation journey is successful.

Leveraging on existing ERP investment

For organisations, existing ERP investment can be leveraged to power dashboards, reports and real-time trends across all the functions. These insights are valuable for decision makers to identify potential problems and support effective decision making.

SAP Practice

With expertise in SAP S/4HANA and successful SAP engagements across various industries, the NCS SAP Practice provides end-to-end service covering system and application maintenance services, network and infrastructure services, and facility management.


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