Cloud Transformation

NCS works with enterprises to develop sound cloud strategies and ensure that cloud implementations are aligned with digital transformation goals

Aligning the cloud with business goals

The cloud is an integral part of the digital transformation story. From a business standpoint, it provides the scalability and agility enterprises need to innovate and respond to new opportunities. From a technology standpoint, it addresses the need to reduce reliance on on-premise hosting, optimise workloads and enable secure access to data anywhere.

NCS helps enterprises develop the best cloud strategy for their digital transformation needs and reduce deployment risks with the use of proven methodologies to carry out end-to-end planning, migration and cloud operations.

We also help  enterprises manage their cloud resources effectively to achieve agility and cost-saving goals. We ensure that you maintain visibility over cloud spend and are able to map cloud usage and costs to the right division, department, user or project to prevent overspending or underutilisation. We recommend ways to optimise your cloud spend and infrastructure for better long-term cloud investment planning.

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Cloud as an integral part of digital transformation

Manage your cloud strategy and cloud transformation effectively to achieve agility.

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