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NCS’ intelligent products and platforms combine data and insights from diverse sources to help enterprises make better decisions and respond faster to opportunities and threats.

Delivering actionable insights

With the proliferation of sensors and intelligent things, enterprises have to be able to amalgamate data from diverse sources in order to obtain useful insights. NCS provides products and platforms that address this requirement across different data formats and devices. 

Our solutions include the intelligent data fusion platform IntelliSURF that combines structured and unstructured data to enhance situational awareness; NCS-Claritas which consolidates video analytics through a decentralised architecture for higher availability; and the Sentinel physical security information management system that integrates a patented 3D video fusion engine for more accurate insights.

Other platforms include uniFAI which gives you a consolidated view of your Internet of Things (IoT) environment, and RoboManager which allows you to manage different brands of robots without incurring high integration costs.

These platforms enable data and insights to be consolidated and presented to users through intuitive dashboards, paving the way for more effective decision-making and response.

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