Nucleus Champion

Interview with Kenny Chua

What was the biggest reason you joined NCS and the Nucleus programme?

Being a fresh graduate, I was worried about the steep learning curve one experiences when starting a new job. And one of the many reasons I joined NCS was its Nucleus programme that offers a comprehensive onboarding programme that helped prepare me for my developer role. 

What were the most unique opportunities presented to you at NCS? How do you feel about them? 

I was given the opportunity to participate in the NCS DRIVEnture hackathon. Our team was assigned to address a challenge from a specific industry. We were given the task to come up with creative solutions and continue this through development. We developed a mobile application that included features such as facial recognition and indoor navigation. It was both a challenging and exciting experience wrapped into one.

What new skills or tools did you learn at NCS through the Nucleus programme? What impact did that have on your capabilities? 

Through the various assignments from the Nucleus programme, the overall skillset developed was the end-to-end project management. From requirements gathering, data design, development, testing and deployment. It was an insightful experience because it helped us understand the process fully before being deployed to actual projects

“This opportunity at NCS would appeal most to...”

This role would appeal most to those who want to experience both the development and maintenance of projects across various industries.

Any advice for job applicants that would help them do well in their NCS interviews?

Be well prepared for tricky questions! Knowledge and understanding of specific programming languages that you would be useful for your roles.

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