Bringing and connecting sensors & human touch points together

A Reputation for Solving Problems

Aaron’s career trajectory took shape when he accepted a Government scholarship in Singapore. In his first job, he started managing projects and built a close rapport with customers. He got to understand the intricacies of the business and used his technological background to provide innovative solutions. In no time, he became known as “Mr Problem Solver”, and was the go-to for ideas that improve end-to-end operations.

Currently the Practice Lead of Internet-of-Things (IoT) in NCS Communications Engineering, Aaron has been working closely with other leaders on the transformation of the engineering arm of NCS. His priority is to shift the focus of the business away from multimedia-dominated activities to platforms and gateways that connect sensors and human touchpoints. Aaron is excited about the potential of IoT and the applications for enterprise businesses. One area of focus is Robot and Autonomous Vehicle Solutions. Leveraging 5G and NCS’ robot manager platform, organisations can deploy solutions to capture real-time data, monitor safety and sanitary standards, while addressing the problems associated with resource constraints or task monotony.

“I’m always thinking about how we can make customer’s operation more intelligent, what problems or pain points we can address, and how sensors and data can be more efficiently used to support operational decision-making.”, said Aaron.

Not too long ago, Aaron had to think about overcoming the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially tasked to ensure the delivery of projects in the aviation sector, Aaron faced project cancellation, omission and postponement due to budget cuts. Undaunted, he identified the root cause and set his attention on re-scoping projects to direct efforts at cost-cutting measures. He succeeded in getting his customers to re-orientate and brought them back on the path of digital transformation.

Vision as the Foundation for Success

Recounting his experience, Aaron recalls the support he received from his supervisor. “I’m very thankful for a manager that supported me with a clear vision and encouraged me to pursue my ambition.” Having a vision is core to how Aaron brings about progress, without which he would not have been able to direct his energy towards crafting client-centric solutions. In his view, problems may be exacerbated without a vision and hope for a better future. He believes that teamwork is key to breaking down challenges into manageable tasks.

Bringing people together

When not fixing problems, Aaron sets his eyes on Arsenal football matches. He also takes to the field and enjoys a game of soccer with friends. Since a young age, playing ball sports have been a form of entertainment for him, and he intends to keep at it for as long as he can. Off the field, he enjoys good food and the company of his friends. Aaron says, “Not many people know it’s my dream to run a hostel near a lake in my retirement. I want to provide visitors with food, drink and entertainment.” All of which ties back to the values he holds, building friendships and improving people’s experience.

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