Creating active markets for NCS solutions in Greater China

A Highly Experienced Leader managing Large, Diverse Teams

Anna enjoys the stimulation of keeping both the mind and body active. Besides leading a healthy lifestyle involving hikes, running marathons and spinning on her exercise bike, Anna also winds down by knitting and watching cerebral television shows in her free time.

With over 25 years of experience in the banking and IT industry, Anna has previously served as the chief of staff in major banks and has the keen knowledge of working closely with senior management. She has led and orchestrated large cross-geographical multi-cultural teams. Anna brings to NCS her extensive experience in strategy and planning, client service leadership, banking technology portfolio management, transformation program management, and outsourcing services delivery as she takes on her current role as NCS' Market Maker in the Greater China region. Anna focuses on originating strategic initiatives and opportunities in the global business division, particularly in China and Hong Kong.

Meeting Clients' Needs through Effective Engagement

Anna leverages on her understanding of market business needs and trends, to bring her clients' aspirations into reality. She provides consultative and advisory services to C-suite executives who are looking for appropriate solutions and partners in their digital transformation journeys and specialises in coming up with novel business strategies in the Greater China and Singapore regions to help clients grow their business. This is done by harnessing new technology trends and implementing it into the business strategy. As a Market Maker, from the genuine bonds that she develops with her clients through sincere and candid communications, she is then able to broaden NCS’s business and partnerships in Greater China and strengthen NCS's brand name overseas.

An Energetic and Fearless Leader

Facing seemingly insurmountable challenges motivates Anna — solving problems drives her forward. She is viewed by her colleagues as a tireless and energetic leader. Advocating with determination and fearlessness for the interests of her clients, Anna uses her athletic stamina to full effect by keeping her eyes focused on ensuring that clients can get the solutions which best suit their needs. With a positive attitude, she perseveres on behalf of her clients, even when the going gets tough. Anna is constantly thrilled by the latest developments in technology and is candid and unafraid to give honest yet constructive feedback.

As the proud mother of three grown-up children — two of whom are internationally ranked chess players — Anna views chess as a metaphor for life, as she believes that the moves one chooses to make in chess reflects one’s personality and values. Just like a chess player, she is herself able to think multiple steps ahead and make well-considered decisions to deliver the best solutions for her clients.

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