Steering the financial sector into the digital world

Staying Calm Amidst the Digital Chaos

An avid animal lover, Chew Lik kickstarts his day by walking his family dog, while finding some quiet time for self-reflection and meditation to clear his mind. As the Sector Lead for Financial Services (FS) and Co-Lead for Financial, Industrial and Commercial (FIC) Client Service Unit in NCS, a daily routine like this empowers Chew Lik with a sense of calm, discipline and self-assuredness – traits that are reflective of his leadership style, which he describes as “clear and straightforward”.

Finding New Purpose in Expediting NCS’ Commercial Offerings

Having re-joined NCS after a brief hiatus, Chew Lik is back with renewed vigour to lead the transformation in NCS. His mandate is to champion NCS growth in the financial sector across the Pan Asia-Pacific region and increase the company’s prominence in the commercial sector.

Chew Lik will spearhead NCS’s efforts to expand its business in the financial services sector by leveraging on NCS’ brand equity in the government space to benefit the financial sector. As a strong player in the payments space in China with the sole distribution rights for international funds transfers solutions, Chew Lik believes that NCS is well-poised to help accelerate clients’ fintech journey both in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

The Future of Fintech

The rise of fintech in this digital age has kept Chew Lik on his toes as he sheds light on the importance of keeping up with technology trends, to move financial companies ahead of the competition.

Some of the potential growth areas for fintech that he recognises are:

  1. Digitisation: a lot of things can be improved and made smarter through the digitisation of both content and processes
  2. Digital Payments: people – even senior citizens – are making financial transactions through modes of e-payment.
  3. Automation: allowing machines and applications to run processes so that people can focus on higher-value work.

Other exciting game-changers that he believes will drive fintech transformation are technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, blockchain and 5G.

A Coach In and Outside of Work 

A philanthropist at heart, Chew Lik has done his part to help the less fortunate in society. In addition to helping raise funds for the Diabetes Association of Singapore, Chew Lik also spends his time at orphanages, engaging children in active sports. He hopes to impart his experience in consulting with charities and start-ups to help them tide through the pandemic crisis.

In his free time, Chew Lik helps his sister by saving stray dogs at a dog shelter in Malaysia.

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