Driving the future of transportation

Enabling Successful Service Delivery

A day in Florence's life is always packed with excitement and challenges. As Client Delivery Lead for Transport, she leads and oversees all projects in the transport sector, ensuring smooth execution from beginning to delivery. Her hands-on approach allows us to get near real-time information from her people on the ground and clients. This allows her to ensure that issues are resolved promptly and projects meet or exceed client expectations. One of the projects that Florence has been passionately working on is the Vehicle Registration & Licensing System (VRLS), a one-stop information and services hub for the motoring ecosystem. This system increases convenience for members of the public to interact or transact with government agencies on transport-related matters.

Leading Through Empathy And Understanding

Florence attributes her career growth to the guidance from many good mentors who have passed on their invaluable skills and deep knowledge. Amongst some of the important skills she picked up include soft skills to improve her people management and in handling difficult customers. One tip she shared was to build a personal relationship based on mutual understanding with the client to enable smoother discussions. She values speaking genuinely and straightforwardly to clients. This way, she can emphathise with her customers, understand their challenges and find the appropriate solutions to solve their problems. Florence's leadership style is in listening to people's needs and trying her best to accommodate them. She also empowers her team to makes use of their different strengths to complement one another.

Personal Values That Guides Her Life

Her penchant for fixing things like spoiled radios has Florence took on the field of computer science during her uni days. Outside of work, Florence is an active sportsperson, always loving ball games such as badminton and netball with her friends. In fact, her leadership skills were honed during secondary school where she represented her school in badminton as the team captain.

And she feels pride in her work when she manages to deliver solutions to customers satisfactorily. To Florence, team efforts are what contributes to the success of smooth delivery and customers' compliments are incentives that motivate her teams to do even better.

"I am happy when customers give compliments not just to me, but to my teams as well.”

Florence's personal values centred around care, kindness and respect. She strives to "pay attention to others, and not take people for granted", making every moment with each person count. In her view, the world will be a better place with a caring culture where people regularly check in on each other and when words like "please" and "thank you" are often used to express appreciation and gratitude. 

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