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Paving The Way for Telcos, Media and Tech Companies to Transform

As VP of Communications, Media, and Technology Client Service Unit, Nicholas Seow runs a team of skilled managers in helping clients grow their business through digital initiatives. His role includes assisting organisations to ideate and implement their IT masterplan to meet their business objectives. He aims to help partners in their digital transformation journey, leveraging technologies such as 5G to reinvent themselves and stay at the forefront of their industries.

Evolving with 5G

Businesses in Communication, Media and Technology traditionally relied on infrastructure and hardware for competitive advantage. “With the fourth industrial revolution, industries will face a future that relies more heavily on digital capabilities,” said Nicholas. In light of this, he believes enterprises that capitalise on 5G will have a promising future. The utilisation of video analytics, drones, and robotics will enable some organisations to leapfrog others that are slow to market. In this nascent stage of innovation, one of his priorities is security. He is working with Singtel to ensure that enterprises can explore their use while limiting risk exposure. 

Cultivating a Spirit of Progress

Nicholas is excited that the various teams he works with share a common vision. He works with them to propose new initiatives as he brings clients along the transformation journey. With big ambitions, he requires his team to persist in the face of rejection. As an optimist, he believes that “going through difficult situations unites people and creates stronger bonds.” When success arrives, he is quick to recognise talent and effort, just as he values the principle of being accountable—all of which he accredits to the coaching he had from his mentors.  

Nicholas also guides his team by sharing his experience; lessons from observing the cultural and business nuances from working in Sweden, Australia, and Indonesia. His aspiration is for his team to learn as much as possible. He hopes they embody the values of perseverance and accountability, go further, and in a shorter time with the knowledge acquired. 

An Active Samaritan

A long-time marathon runner, Nicholas believes in going the distance. To build endurance, it takes constant training. Nicholas runs marathons of varying lengths, and his most recent venture being trail running. When not pushing himself physically, he enjoys golf as the 4-hour game is an excellent way to relax after a hard week at work and is perfect for catching up with friends. 

Nicholas also has a charitable side. He donates blood regularly and has been doing so for many years. This practice began when two friends donated their blood for his mother, who had to undergo a major operation. Since then, he has not stopped, he has also been participating in the program Hair for Hope. “Everyone can do their part for society; it doesn’t have to be grand gestures as long as it comes from the heart," said Nicholas.

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